My First Goulet Pen Company Order

As I told you a couple of days ago, I joined the Goulet Pen Company ink drop pretty late at night on 8/31 and I placed my first order with them at the same time.  Today, I got both the ink drop and the order!  I was tickled pink to get them today.  I mean it!  I literally squealed with delight!

After trying out my new ink colors and new pens in my new little Clairefontaine notebook, I placed another small order with Goulet Pens!   It was great fun and I learned something.  I learned that I love the Noodler’s North African Violet ink.  I never thought I’d like a purple ink.  I learned that I love the Private Reserve Sherwood Green ink.  I’ve never had the desire to have a green ink, but I’m thinking of getting this to write my Christmas cards with this year.  I learned that I love the Caran d’Ache Grand Canyon (it’s the brown) ink.  I’ve been wanting a brown ink for a while now and this one is very nice.  It may not be the brown ink for me, but it will certainly do for now.  The Waterman Florida Blue is very nice, but the Diamine Monaco Red is a little too brown for me.  It’s kind of a dirt red.

Something else I learned is that I really love these Platinum Preppy pens!  The only fountain pen I had until I got these in today’s mail was a Kaweco Classic Sport.  I really enjoyed this pen, but I had nothing to compare it to.  I’d never had or used another fountain pen.  I knew the Kaweco was fairly inexpensive, since at the time I purchased mine, it was around $15 (it has since gone up to $21 – $25).  Fountain pens can be hundreds of dollars.  I can’t spend that much money on one.  Well, I had seen the Platinum Preppy mentioned in a post by the Missive Maven.  She’d shown writing samples of several inks and pens, with the Preppy being one of them.  So, I ordered 5 and had them converted to eyedropper pens.  The pens in their original form cost $3.95 at Goulet and it’s only $2.oo to have them converted to an eyedropper pen, so that brings the grand total up to $5.95 each.  And if you order 5 you get a quantity discount.  The reason I ordered 5 is that I wanted to be able to use all 5 of my new ink drop inks right away in fountain pens!

Since these Platinum Preppy pens were so inexpensive, truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much.  I learned something though.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good pen.  My Kaweco feels a little like it’s dragging on the paper compared to these Preppy pens.  They feel like they are ice skates gliding across a frozen lake!  I am in love, with a capital L!

The fine nib pen wrote just as smoothly as the medium nib pens.  The only problem I had was in initially getting the ink to flow, but once it did, it was wonderful.  I plan to get each of my granddaughters one of these pens soon along with the ink of their choice.  I may get them to write letters yet.

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