Time Flies….

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything.  I want to daily, but while I’m here in Oklahoma, that is not going to happen.  It’s just not.  Every time I get near the computer, a child starts to talk to me, especially on the weekend.  I do have a few little nuggets of information for you though, so here goes:

  • I got a flu shot yesterday and I feel a little sick
  • My grandson is sick.  He was curled up in a ball on the couch, running a fever of 102.5 when I got up this morning.  It was 101 this evening.  I’m hoping he’ll be well enough to go to school on Monday because he will not be happy about missing school if he has to stay home.  He keeps telling me that he is not sick as he curls up into my lap.
  • I took a 5 hour nap today and I’m  still yawning.  I hope I don’t get what little bit has.
  • It’s supposed to be back up to 100 degrees F on Tuesday.  I may cry.  *UPDATE OK — just checked again, it’s only going to get up to 98 degrees now!  Yipee!  I still may cry.
  • I’ve been writing letters and getting letters and I need to write more letters.
  • My youngest granddaughter appears to be falling in love with ink and fountain pens too!  She has been right there with me, wanting to help, as I fill each pen, flush them out to add a different ink or test the ink colors.  I ordered each girl her own ink sample and fountain pen today from Goulet Pen Co. and they each paid for an additional ink sample rather than wait a month or so to get me to buy them more.
  • My oldest granddaughter is going to be recognized at the school board meeting on Monday night for her good behavior!  This is especially nice since her class is constantly talking, acting up and getting the whole class into trouble.  She was upset on Thursday night because of it.  Then I got the call on Friday asking us to have her at the meeting.  She will be so happy!
  • My grandson is doing very well in a mainstream class with help and loving guidance from caring teachers.  He loves school again and his teachers and classmates love him.  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me, his dad and his sisters.
  • I’ve placed my third order with Goulet Pen Co. today (since Aug.31).  I am in serious trouble here folks.  I’m loving every pen stroke though and having a blast seeing the inks on paper.

All for tonight.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

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