Quick Funny

It finally cooled off some last week.  I was running errands a few days ago.  Driving to the library, I think, with the windows down on my car.  Just about everyone had the windows down on their cars too.  I heard the gentleman in the car next to me sneeze — loudly.  So, I yelled — “Bless You!” as we were driving.  I noticed that he immidiately slowed his car down to a crawl so that he was no longer driving beside me.  I don’t know what it was about my “blessing” that shook him up, but he didn’t drive even with my car again until I was in a turn lane about to head in the opposite direction from him.  When I first realized that he had slowed down, I couldn’t help but laugh, out loud, a lot!  My son thinks my hysterical laughter probably did not help the situation.

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