For the Love of Mail and Letters

If you’ve been reading me a while, you know that I have varied interests.  I add new ones all the time, never really leaving the old behind, but possibly setting them aside for a while.  I have now come back to an old love  —  letter writing and added a couple of new loves, fountain pens and inks.

You may also know that the US Postal Service is in financial trouble.  It could go bankrupt and totally close by this winter.  I find this horrifying.  Jon Stewart recently talked about this situation on his Daily Show.  If you are a fan, you know he has a particular take on things.  I’ve always loved Jon and not just because he’s cute as hell!

I originally found the link to Jon’s show on Melissa’s Viva Snail Mail Blog on her McCaskill Mail post.  (I tried to post a link directly to the post, but for some reason, I couldn’t.)   Melissa suggested that we write a letter to Senator McCaskill to thank her for supporting the USPS.  I like that idea!

After reading her post I went online and got Jon Stewart’s address at the Daily Show and left it in the comments section.  You can get both addresses at the link above.

Dana at Save Snail Mail also wrote a little post about all of this if you want to check it out.

We’ve had a bit of illness in the house over the last several days — fevers, flu shot and dental work.  My letters are going out today, possibly with some others.  Won’t you join us in some postal love?

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4 Responses to For the Love of Mail and Letters

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Sharon, the following is from a recent PBS Newshour program about the USPS. I didn’t know this and am passing it along to you and your blog followers. Gwen Ifill is one of the PSB Newshour regulars.

    GWEN IFILL: Did we say that the Postal Service was broke, or did we say that the Congress didn’t give them access?

    FREDRIC ROLANDO: Well, the — both. The Postal Service is not broke because they need access to their own funds.

    During the last four fiscal years, the Postal Service, with the recession that we have been through, the worst recession in 80 year, and the Internet diversion, still showed an operational profit of almost $700 million during that period of time. The $20 billion-plus dollars that you read about in losses is nothing more than a congressional mandate that requires the Postal Service, required the Postal Service to take all of their cash and put it into a pre-funding account.

    The Postal Service actually has somewhere between $50 billion and $125 billion in their other funds that is not taxpayer money. They haven’t used a dime of taxpayer money in over 30 years. And the Congress just needs to act responsibly and quickly to give them access to that — those funds.

    Just thought you’d like to know this.

  2. Pearl Maple says:

    Hope you are all feeling better soon
    The mail system is an important service to provide affordable communications to the masses, I for one love a bit of mail art and travel post cards sure do brighten up the mail box

    • Thank you! I hope so too.

      I agree about the postcards and mail art! I love them all and treasure anything that is not a bill or junk in my mailbox! A letter and mail art are true gifts of time in today’s society. I love them! I love postcards too. Little pieces of art in their own right.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂


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