Short Gratitude List Today

I have  a short list today.  That doesn’t mean that I have fewer things to be grateful for.  It’s just that these things are so full in my heart, that the others are taking the backseat at the moment.

I am grateful:

  • for the rain!!!!
  • for the cooler temperatures
  • that the grandkids are only getting sick one at a time instead of all three at once.
  • that the middle one has not been sick yet (fingers crossed that she won’t be!)
  • that my son forgot to tell me he was picking up the oldest one yesterday instead of her just disappearing!  Sheesh!  I got a few more grey hairs over that one.
  • that everyone is safe and fairly sane  (it’s been a long week!)

That’s what I’m grateful for today, off the top of my head.  What about you?”


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5 Responses to Short Gratitude List Today

  1. Hhhhhaaa!!! You’re over here being thankful for the rain & cooler temps, while I’m over @ my place bitching about the rain & the cooler temps! Isn’t that funny stuff? Your ‘short list’ is as sweet as ever. And yeah… that granddaughter disappearing gave ME a couple of gray hairs, even though she was safe all the time! Next time, a little notice would be good 🙂 Until next week, my friend.

  2. Oh Tracey! The temperatures have been at 100 degrees F or more for oh….I don’t know (in Dallas at least 70 days this summer) here, I just know they broke records also. The cool weather feels so good! We’ve had a week earlier and now, one more day of it! It got up to over 100 again THIS week. I’m so ready for the cool to come and stay.

    As for the rain, I don’t think I’ve seen more than 5 minutes of rain since early May! The very few times it rained in TX, I was in OK. The times it rained in OK, I was in TX! If one of the kids wasn’t home sick and I hadn’t been feeling crummy for a week, I’d be out in a lawn chair sitting in the middle of the lawn soaking up the rain. It’s nice and gentle right now. Just dripping rain. We need it so much. Horrible droughts here and in TX and awful fires. Come on rain and cool weather! Loving it.

    PS I hope it warms up and dries out for you this weekend. 😉

  3. Marina says:

    I so envy you because of the rain 🙂

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