Country Sundays vs. City Sundays

For many years, Sundays have been my favorite day of the week.  Sundays have always been a down time for me.  A time to relax and do what I want to do.  I could stay in bed and read or watch TV all day or I could go visiting and shopping in the big city of Dallas or I could even quilt all day long leaving my scraps just where they fell.  Of course this was when I was home, living in the country.  I could do this even when my son still lived at home.  Even when he was a little guy.  His dad was home on the weekends then and I did most of the home care during the week.   I planned it so that I could do what I wanted on Sunday.  It was my day.  I loved Sundays!

Since coming to Oklahoma, my Sundays have a much different flavor!  My granddaughters both have a list of chores to do during the week — of which, they do almost none during the actual week — saving them all up for Sunday.  They have to have them done before they go to bed that night.  This means the day is full of reprimands and warnings plus loud noises of vacuum cleaners, washers and dryers (I’ve never heard such loud washers and dryers!).  I have a headache every single Sunday from them trying to get out of the chores and us telling them to get on with them.  I am irritated at the girls every single Sunday.  I hate Sundays here.  After 4 or 5 of them, I can safely say that this is the first day that I’ve really wanted to be in my own home.  I miss it sorely today.

I’m looking forward to getting back to my home and having my Sundays to myself.  Until then, I think I’ll have to start leaving this house on Sundays.  I don’t know where I’ll go or what I’ll do, but for my own sanity, I have to go and do something — somewhere else.

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8 Responses to Country Sundays vs. City Sundays

  1. Chris says:

    While I no longer have any children at home, Sharon, when I need to get out of the house because I’ve just had a little too much time around the house, I pack up my Jansport backpack with my latest library book, a magazine or two and possibly my journal, you know the one where you actually have a book and a pen. I head out to a nearby park or a church parking lot in a town not far from where I live. The church is located in a beautiful old town with a lot of homes full of architectural character. I usually only do this if it’s a nice day since I want to roll down the windows and take in the sights and sounds going on around me. If I think I’m going to be out either by lunchtime or during lunchtime, I’ll pack myself a lunch or treat myself to one of my favorite places to pick up something quick. And if this gets boring, then I get out of the car and go for a walk. Just a suggestion.

    • Thank you for the suggestions, Chris. I had been thinking of the library, but it’s only open for a few hours on Sunday. I also thought of going to Panera Bread to eat and hang out, maybe to write some letters and read. You reminded me that there is a really nice park near the library too and I can add that to my list of possibilities when the weather is nice.

      Unfortunately, my car died yesterday morning, so I’m momentarily stranded. I think it’s the battery. I’m hoping it’s the battery. That would be the least expensive of the possible problems. I fear it is of the age to start falling apart. Cross your fingers for me.


  2. Debbie says:

    Sharon, you should have Sundays OFF. Get out of the house and stay gone all day….go to the movies, library if it’s open, Barnes and Noble if it isn’t. Have one day to yourself. In Hong Kong where my DD and DGKs are, the yayas ( helper, nanny, housekeeper, cook) all have Sundays off and sometimes they just gather at a park and have lunch. They are gone all day and evening, then go back to their little rooms off the kitchen refreshed and ready for another week.

    • Debbie, this sounds lovely! I’m slowly but surely working toward this. I need it for my sanity and the kids need for me to do it so I’ll be the gramma they want to have around. Thank you for sharing the yaya’s routine and giving me some ideas. I do appreciate it.


  3. So sorry your Sunday you-time has been temporarily robbed 😦 Is the library open on Sunday there? That’s always a peaceful escape.

  4. pamq says:

    I think I have single handedly kept aspirin {and stronger….} manufacturers in business since I have been here…….


    Just go sit somewhere and drink coffee.

    Or something………………

    Rock on, Sharon!

    We shall survive.

    I think.

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