Postcrossing cards of Late

As most of you know,  I’ve been helping my son with my grandkids’ before and after school care since late August.   My extended stay has gotten a bit longer.  I’ll be here until at least November 15th, but probably longer.  It is just beyond our control.  Those of you who regularly write me, please email me if I haven’t given you the Oklahoma address.  My hubby sleeps during the day since he works nights and is slow to go to the post office on a good week.  Mailing me things is not his favorite pass time.

That being said, he did mail me some of my items recently, so I have some postcards to show you.  All of today’s are Postcrossing cards!  There will be more mail tomorrow!

# 1

This (#1) is a postcard of the “Flower of the Universe” by Tony Perez and View of Windsor and Detroit.  The photo was taken by one of the senders of the card, I do believe, which would be Stephen or Carole.  They say it was taken on Belle Isle Park in the Detroit River and that they love photography too.  This is a great postcard!  They had it printed by snapfish.  It’s the first snapfish card that I’ve gotten, that I can recall.  It’s similar in thickness to a commercially made postcard.  I may try them one day.

# 2

Postcard # 2 comes from Hazi in Wheatland, CA, which she says is about an hour from Sacramento.  She says this is one of the many birds in the area, but she doesn’t tell me what kind it is.  She also says that she used to live in Pasadena, TX.  She misses everything about TX except for the heat and humidity.  Don’t worry Hazi, no one would miss that!  I have a question here…Texans are pretty much known for describing driving distances by time instead of mileage.  It’s because the state is so large and we spend so much time in the car.  Do you describe driving distance by mileage or time where you live?

# 3

The third postcard is of the “Ukraine” hotel, which was built from 1953 – 1957.  It is one of the seven famous Moscow skyscrapers — the “Seven Sisters”.  I found this very interesting.  My mother is one of seven sisters.  Because of that, I’ve always been interested in things named the “Seven Sisters”.  There is quilt block pattern by that name too.

# 4

The fourth postcard has different images pertaining to Fryderyk Chopin.  It is from Isabella.  She would “like to send me warm greetings”.  Love it!  Unfortunately, even with my glasses, I can’t read enough of the small type on the back of the card,  to tell which place is which, but I made out enough of the  words to tell you this much….I do  know that the statue is of Chopin (isn’t it wonderful?!), as is the portrait.   It shows the Chopin museum, the place of his birth, the church he was baptized in and “the epitaph containing the heart of F. Chopin”.  Literally?  I don’t know.

# 5

There isn’t much written on or about number five.  It says “Hello!  This is the central Cathedral of Ternopil, city we live in.  It was built in XVII ct (or it may be st).  Have a nice day.  :)”  It’s a nice cathedral.  I love the green roof.  I also love the stamps they put on the card.  Especially the Russian gentleman and the bird!  Fabulous!  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my mail.  More tomorrow.  Until then, have a good one!

the stamps on # 5

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  1. pamq says:


    I again know just what you mean……

    Roger is forever having to mail me stuff……………..

  2. Kind of a pain, isn’t it? I’m tempted to have all of the mail forwarded.


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