I’m late, but I’m still Grateful!

I’ll have to make this a quick post in order to get it finished before midnight and make my Thursday gratitude posting.

I’m grateful:

  • for the beautiful, soaking rain we had this morning and the cool temperatures and blue skies that followed!
  • for my grandson’s sweet voice saying “Good morning Gramma!” this morning as he flipped on the light when my alarm went off at 6:40 a.m
  • That I had gotten a good night’s sleep before he flipped on that light!
  • That the transmission work I needed done on my car wasn’t as expensive as I had feared it would be.
  • That the car not starting was indeed just a bad battery
  • That I am the proud owner of a new battery in my car
  • That my car is home and running again
  • for my son bringing me home when the car was going to take several hours to be repaired and hauling me back up to pick up the car when it was ready
  • For the kind neighbor who asked if I was OK while I was standing at the corner.  When I told her I was waiting for the school bus, she told me to feel free to sit on her bench (on her covered porch) if it was ever raining while I was waiting!
  • for ceiling fans and other fans too
  • for hugs
  • for little girls who will play together even after talking mean to each other for what seems like days
That’s what I’m thankful for right now, off the top of my head.  I’ll also be thankful if this ends up looking halfway decent.  WordPress seems to have a mind of its own tonight.  What are you grateful for?
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