Traveling Letter Writing

clip board and large envelope

One of the things I want to be able to do this weekend, when I make my escape from the house for a while, is write letters.  I’m hoping to spend some peaceful, quiet time at a restaurant, park or the library at some point, and I thought letter writing would be a wonderful thing to do while it is peaceful and quiet.  The problem is, I’m not sure how to haul my letter writing paraphernalia with me without rumpling my papers and that sort of thing.

I may have to take the cardboard out, the envelope may be too tight otherwise

So, I got a clip board for writing on in the car or park and the envelopes to put my loose writing paper in (the envelopes came with a piece of cardboard, that will help too).  I figured I’d limit myself to a couple of fountain pens and just take them in my purse.  I could always leave my envelopes and stamps at home, but that sure is a fun part of letter writing for me — the mail art part!

This is all I could think of, but it isn’t ideal.  I’d really like the smallest container possible with the largest amount of “stuff”.  If you do this yourself — travel with letter writing items, I’d really love to hear from you about what you use.  Or if you don’t do this, but have ideas or suggestions, please share them.

Hope to see you in the mail…..

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