I Would have Written, but….

…there just isn’t time!

There has been a lot of misinformation about the Postal Service’s financial crisis.  I have probably passed on some of that misinformation myself, here on this blog.  For that, I apologize.  The simplified version of the real story is that the United States Postal Service is in need of its own money.  They have to prefund their retirement accounts.  No other company in the country has to do this.  This is why they are out of money for operating expenses.  All of their profits have gone into the prefunding of retirement accounts for the last several years.  They have made money over the last several years, even in this horrible economy, but not enough to cover expenses and prefunding the retirement accounts.  They have not had to ask for taxpayer money in decades and they are not asking for taxpayer money now.  What the USPS wants is to be able to use some of the surplus money is has in some accounts to pay for the shortfalls in other accounts so that they can keep operating and keep their people working.

What some of our elected officials seem to want is to run the USPS out of business.  Some are trying to push the “Issa-Ross” bill through on a fast track which would close even more post offices than originally talked about, cut services and cut out Saturday delivery.  It would also mean a huge number of postal employee layoffs.  The last thing we need is more American’s out of work in this horrible economy!  We need to have our elected officials using common sense!  HR1351 would do that.

I have called both of my state Senators this morning.  I would have written letters, but there isn’t time if they are truly going to be voting on this by the end of the week.  Here is a link to the Letter Writers Alliance blog posting on this subject that tells a bit more about this and more eloquently than I have.  There is also a link to all of our Senator’s phone numbers.  Please use it — today!  Help save the United States Postal Service as we know it and the jobs of its employees!  Where else can you mail a letter for 44 cents?  No where, that’s where.  Great little company, if you ask me.

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3 Responses to I Would have Written, but….

  1. Thanks for your information – eloquently written or not 🙂 I simply cannot imagine life without the post office. Internet is a wonderful thing, but it cannot take the place of mail. How on earth would all of my ‘secret card/gift angels’ receive my stuff without it? I shudder to think… 😦

    • The whole thing just makes me nuts! No one else has to prefund their retirement accounts. If the USPS didn’t have to do this, there would be no financial problem. I could go on, but it’s close to bed time and my blood pressure it starting to head in an upward direction. Not good for sleeping. Send mail and call your Senators! OK, I really am getting off of my soap box…..

      Hugs, Sharon

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