I’m Grateful today

I’m grateful today, this last Thursday in September:

  • that my middle granddaughter woke up at 7:08 and asked me if the clock was right.  I had apparently forgotten to set the alarm, which should have gone off at 6:40!  We had exactly 12 minutes to get all 4 of us dressed (with all the things that entails) before we had to leave to walk to the bus stop.  We made it!
  • that my car is ready, yet again and I can pick it up at lunch time.  The repaired part, that I had repaired last week, started to leak and had to be replaced.
  • that the Texas Rangers will be in the post season playing more baseball and (hopefully) going on to the World Series to win this year!
  • for the little things — like baseball and a good carrot walnut muffin
  • for the big things — like my grandson doing well in the school he’s in this year
  • for my momma — I haven’t seen her since I came up to OK.  I sure do miss her.
  • for my hubby keeping the home fires burning
  • letters in the mail box
  • teachers
  • the United States Postal Service
  • smiles and hugs
  • grandchildren
  • quiet times
  • ceiling fans
  • my son

That’s it for today, all I can think of this moment off the top of my head.  What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Nothing like a morning scramble to get you going! 🙂 Beautiful list, as always.

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