In the Mail

the postage stamp used on the first postcard

I’m behind on showing you what I’ve gotten in the mail since coming here to Oklahoma.  It’s difficult to get some time to myself to post on the blog since my arrival here.  So many things to do during the day when the kids are in school and after they get home — well, let’s just say it’s not always conducive to collecting  your thoughts and writing.   By the time they go to sleep, I’m exhausted and can’t always thing straight.  It’s getting better.  I’m getting more used to being around 3 active children on a daily basis, but it’s going to take a while to really get in the swing of things.

# 1

The first postcard today comes from Jackie of Letters & Journals, a wonderful letter writing and all things related website!  The artwork is by Edward Gorey (I love pen and ink drawings!) and it says “P is for Prue trampled flat in a brawl – from The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey”.  As you can tell, Mr. Gorey has a unique way of looking at things.  I’m quickly becoming a fan of his work.  This is the second Gorey postcard I’ve gotten from Jackie.  She has several contests on her website each month.

# 2

Postcard number 2 is from Elle of Art of a Letter.  We’ve been sending postcards and letters to each other since I fell in love with one of her artistamps back in June and basically begged her to send me one!  She is very generous.  Elle is the one who truly ignited the fire on my interest in mail art and has opened my world.  Because of her, I have not had one moment of boredom come my way since I arrived here, even though I brought very little with me from Texas.  This postcard shows a photo of an ox cart called a carreta.  She lived in Costa Rica for a while and “where we lived you saw them in daily use, but in most areas they were brought out for fiesta.  The colorful paintings are all over the carts and have been done for generations.”

# 3

The 3rd postcard is from Pamela of CappuccinoAndArtJournal.  All three of these blog and websites are letter writing and or art related.  Pamela’s postcard show French postal people.  All the ladies are near post boxes or holding mail and there are vintage postage stamps on the front of the card too.  Love!

That’s all I’m going to share in this post.  There will be more soon because I do have a small back log of letters to show you too.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the mail as much as I have.

Write some letters folks and save some jobs!  I’ve got my fingers crossed that HR1351 passes and the Issa-Ross bill is defeated.  I hope you’ve called your Senators to support the USPS!  I’ve heard they’re voting today or tomorrow!

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4 Responses to In the Mail

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Sharon, FYI there is no postcard #3 in your post in case you didn’t realize it. I do love seeing all the neat postcards you receive. Around where I live postcards are not that big, as in you don’t see them in stores although if you’re a big Cabella’s fan (major hunting, fishing and outdoors mecca) they have postcards. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Chris! I was apparently rushed or tired when I wrote this. I totally forgot to put the third postcard picture in the post. Got that all fixed, thanks to you!

      I have to hunt for postcards too. You used to see them just about everywhere. Now, I look for them at tourist places and truckstops.


  2. Christina says:

    these post cards are wonderful!
    i always look at cards when i go to the art museum.

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