Crazy Life and Times…

I can’t believe so many days have gone by since I last posted anything.  I had planned to write something everyday for several days in a row, but it just didn’t work out.  Now, I’ll probably never tell you the full story on any of it.  That’s the way it goes sometimes.

Last Saturday was my day out and about, away from the grandchildren while chores were going on.  I did the usual — a trip to Panera Bread for a quick meal, a visit to the library and then I branched out a bit and hit a thrift store and an estate sale.  These are things I enjoy, but don’t do all that often for some reason.

my glass "frog" pen holder

I didn’t take photos of any of the little goodies I found at the estate sale, but I did want to show you one of my thrift store finds, mostly because of how I plan to repurpose it.  I think this thing is called a “frog” and its original use is to help arrange flowers by putting it in the bottom of a vase.  I’m using it to stand my fountain pens upright!  They fit just about perfectly and it only cost me $1.80!  I think it will look really cute on my desk when I get home.  Until then it’s kind of hidden on a bookcase.

the cupcakes for school in the container we carried them in

Another thing I did over the weekend was bake 60+ cupcakes for my grandson’s birthday on Monday!  I baked them, with my middle granddaughter as my helper and then the girls frosted the majority of the cupcakes.  My son and I took most of them to the kid’s school for a little “party” for the two second grade classes right after they had lunch, we left the rest at home for the “home” party.  Both girls got to come to the school party, since it was held during their lunch time.  All the kids loved it, although I was told by one little boy that I should have made cookies instead of cupcakes.  Maybe next year.  Thankfully, I had enough sense to make yellow cupcakes in addition to chocolate.  Not everyone wanted chocolate, but they were the most popular, just as I suspected they would be.  You may notice that the cupcakes are frosted pink.  That is my grandson’s favorite color.  He wanted pink glasses and wasn’t allowed to have them (he just got new blue ones).  He wanted a “Toadette” cake, but I’m not that talented in the cake decorating area.  The least I could do is give the kid his favorite color frosting and by golly he got it.  And you know what?  Not one kid picked on him about having pink cupcakes.  The last two years he’s told us that this birthday has been the best of his life.  I am so proud of that and happy about it.

the birthday boy holding his cupcake, sitting with dad

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2 Responses to Crazy Life and Times…

  1. Oh Sharon, you’re such a thoughtful, caring, loving grandmother. And I’m glad to see that you’re sticking with your ‘you’ time; it really does help to get away from it all. Keep it up – it’ll keep you sane. Secondly, those are the 2 most handsome young men I’ve seen in a while (LOL!) Your son is very handsome & I love a man in uniform – with dimples. Tell him thanks for fighting for our country 🙂 And your grandson is beautiful! What a cuu-tee-pie!!! Happy Birthday to him & I’m so proud of his pink cupcakes & that the kids didn’t find it a big deal. My sons faints @ the sight of anything pink, yellow, or “girl colored” as he calls it. Keep up the great caretaking – of your family and of yourself. Love, me 🙂

    • Tracey, the “me” time has become a requirement! I won’t give it up, I promise. I shouldn’t have put it off so long. I become grumpy if I get too tired and I’m getting grumpy quicker and staying grumpy longer. So, I do need the off time.

      Thanks for all the sweet sentiments, Ms. Tracey! Hugs to you.


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