I Wish I Could Sit a Fence

My momma can sit on a fence better than any person I know.  My sister and I would get into arguments and there was momma — sitting on that fence — not taking sides.  She’d listen to each of us.  She’d understand my side of it.  She’d understand my sister’s side of it.  She’d even try to explain our side to the other, but she never got off that fence and got into the middle of it all.  That is talent ladies and gentlemen!  Pure and simple, raw unmitigated talent!

Me?  I missed out on that talent altogether.  I’m writing this now with tears in my eyes because once again, I’ve stuck my opinion in where I shouldn’t have.  I’ve voiced my worries and concerns and upset someone dear to me.  Someone who is trying their best and doesn’t need me to add to their burden.  I’ll stew over this stuff and then I just let it all out on them.  I’m upset that I said anything.  I’m upset because I could very well be right about what I said, but I still should not have said a thing.  How did my momma ever learn to stay out of things?  Is it too late for me to learn?  I sure as hell need to.

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4 Responses to I Wish I Could Sit a Fence

  1. Don’t let it worry you, friend. If that person is dear to you – that means you are dear to THEM, so all will be forgiven. My mother is very opinionated and will says what have you, WHEN have you, but we always find a way to forgive her, and your friend will too. You just spoke from your heart because like you said – “you could very well have been right.” And this, too, shall pass… give yourself a hug & keep going. If you’re friends, family – whatever, all will be forgiven. Love, me 🙂

  2. notquiteold says:

    It’s so hard when we want to help and then we worry that we said exactly the wrong thing and didn’t help at all. I agree with Tracey above. Forgive yourself and know that you did your best.

    • Thank you. You’ll be glad to know that I have forgiven myself for this particular incident. I can’t guarantee that there won’t be more of these in the future, but I will work on it. It will be a work in progress and a constant struggle. I did talk to this person about the problem and they have also forgiven me. Come to find out, they have this problem themselves, so they understand it in me and are working on it in themselves also. Boy, what a mess it can be at times. But then again, isn’t the best life a messy one?


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