One More Mail Art Letter

most recent letter from Pamela (# 1)

There is so much to show when I get letters from some of these mail artists.  Pamela of CappuccinoAndArtJournal is just that type of mail artist!  Wow!  She goes all out each and every time.  I don’t always know how to open her letters.  The one I showed you in my last post was just such a letter.  I ripped it open along the creases and hoped for the best.  It was so pretty, I didn’t want to open it at all, but I knew there was gold in them thar folds folks!

the back and some of the stuff from inside (# 2)

This one is just as special.  Pamela has told me that she often folds her envelopes free hand to fit whatever she’s mailing.  I find that amazing and wonderful!  Someday, I may try it myself.  Doing that reminds me of the old days when there were no ready-made envelopes.  You did have to fold them free hand and you sealed them with wax.  I’ve never done that.  You see it a lot of that when they show someone writing letters in period piece movies, usually set in the colonial United States or in England, I think.  The letters are hand delivered in those movies too.

some of the goodies wrapped up in the letter (# 3)

I’ve found pen pals because of mail art and fountain pens.  I’ve also found them just because of the plain old love of letter writing.  It all started because I started looking for letter writing blogs when I discovered that cursive writing isn’t being taught in US schools as much now, which led to fountain pen and paper blogs and then to art blogs and finally to mail art blogs!  Ah, the mother lode!  I felt as if I had found heaven here on earth when I found each type of blog.  I wish I had found the mail art blogs, especially,  years ago.  I think this artistic venue would have helped me through so much.

a zine and photo from Pamela (# 4)

The photos in this posting show all the things Pamela puts into her letters.  They are always interesting.  She also added a zine to this one.  It’s the first zine I’ve ever gotten (or seen for that matter!) and I was thrilled and fascinated!  What a little treasure.

Now, I need to get back to answering some mail.  After all, you have to send mail to get mail so if I don’t answer these letters that I’ve been showing you lately, it’s likely I won’t get any more!  How about you?  Who have you written lately?

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  1. Pamela says:

    Very happy you liked the envelope and Red Letter day;s lovely little mail art zine. Don”t you just love mail art?

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