Helping Schools the Easy Way

I believe I’ve told you that my grandchildren are going to school in a more financially disadvantaged school district this year.  This school does not have many of the things that schools in neighboring areas around here have and take for granted.  The playground is sad.  The library is small.  The outside of the building is just a little scary looking and on a very busy street.  In a lot of ways, it doesn’t seem safe — at least that was my first impression, before my grandchildren started to attend the school.

Then I looked at photos on the school website.  I saw the improvements they have made and plan to make.  I saw the pride and heart.  I learned first hand the love the teachers have for the students and believe me, that is often more important than a new building full of shiny geegaws.  Still it will take time and they have a long way to go to meet their goals.

clockwise from top L -- Coke can, Coke Reward Code, Coke pull tabs, Box Tops for Education, Campbell's Soup Labels

This is where the parents, grandparents and friends of the students come in.  Simply by saving the Box Tops for Education, the Campbell’s Soup Labels, and the Coke product Rewards Codes and pull tabs, you can help this school earn cold hard cash for things they need that is not in their budget and actual things too.  (They are also collecting aluminum cans, but they are a bit more difficult to mail.)  If you are reading this and you do not have a child or school that you already save these items for, I am asking  you to please save them for my grandchildren and their school.  My mailing address is in the side bar of the blog.  If you want them to get to the children more quickly, email me — I’ll either give you my temporary address in OK or the school address.  In return, you will get a letter from me, my eternal thanks and the knowledge that you are improving the educational opportunities of many, many disadvantaged children, right here in the United States, for the cost of a postage stamp or two and a little bit of your time.  Everything in this photo would be in the trash if I did not save it for the kids and it will end up giving them money and needed supplies.  That is recycling at its very best!

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3 Responses to Helping Schools the Easy Way

  1. I will try to remember to save these for you, Sharon. Since Son has long been out of school, I kinda phased out all things “school”, but I’ll try to pay close attention to send you the boxtops. Every little bit helps! 🙂

  2. pamq says:

    Yes, Sharon, I really, really, really am going to mail you some box tops.

    I am just s.l.o.w.

    And I may have a soup label or two around somewhere also…………….

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