Thursday’s Gratitude

I’m grateful today….

  • that all of the grandkids are healthy and in school
  • that we’ve had rain recently
  • that I got to visit with my friend Beth via skype yesterday
  • that the Texas Rangers are in the play offs and doing well — this is their year folks — they’ll go to the World Series and WIN!!!  I feel it in my bones!
  • that we got all of the trash out before the trash was picked up
  • that the woman who went around the stopped car yesterday waiting on the kids getting off the school bus with red lights flashing didn’t hurt anyone
  • that I only yelled “school bus idiot!” instead of following her and really giving her a piece of my mind
  • that my grandson was safely in my car when the idiot went around the car and through the flashing school bus red lights and that the bus was unloading older kids who knew to look for idiots like her
  • that I’m not nearly as worked up about the school bus incident as I was yesterday 😉
  • that there are easy and inexpensive ways to help my grandchildren’s school — box tops for education, Campbell’s soup labels and aluminum cans — basically, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head this morning.  What are you grateful for today?

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2 Responses to Thursday’s Gratitude

  1. Oh yeah…. the “ignorant” drivers who don’t obey school bus laws. I have to admit, before I had my son years ago, I used to get all worked up @ the school bus – what a stupid waste of my energy. AFTER MY son was a school bus rider, I almost became the “HALT” police! (LOL!) I would go berserk over someone putting the kids in danger. You’re so funny, Sharon – great thankful list, as usual 🙂

    • There are an amazing number of drivers here who speed through school zones. I’m tempted to write the police a letter about it. In fact, I’m sure I will before long. Just about the only thing that brings out any form of “road rage” in me is someone speeding through a school zone or doing what the idiot did — going around stopped cars waiting on children unloading from a school bus with flashing red lights. Of course if I followed my instincts and chased them down to beat them to a pulp, I’d be just as guilty as they are. 😉

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