Coming and Going — In the Mail

the sky this morning while waiting for the school bus

This day is just flying by!  If I don’t hustle, I won’t get this posted and then I don’t know when it will happen.

The weekend was wonderful, relaxing and fun.  On Saturday, I wrote a couple of letters and got some in the mail.  I went to the park and saw Canadian geese land in two different groups.  I talked to my Aunt Joan and my friend Catherine, these are two of my favorite people on earth.  I went to the library and checked out a couple of books, one of which is a cook book that I’m actually reading and enjoying!  I may even cook a thing or two from it.  On Sunday, my grandkids went to visit someone dear to them and I got to have lunch with my son.

Today, I’m getting ready to head to TX for a few days.  It will just be a short trip home to catch up on a few things.  A doctor visit with a new doctor and helping my momma with a yard sale are the main things on the horizon, but I hope to stop by Quilt Country on my way in and say hello to everyone.  I have a (very) little surprise for Sandy.

Martha's letter is on the top, Elle's artist stamp card on the L and the Dr. Seuss from the teachers on the R

The first picture of mail I’m showing you today is the mail I got on Friday and Saturday.  A letter from Martha (!), a thank you card from my grandson’s teacher and the other second grade teacher there at the school (I had written and thanked them for helping with his birthday party there at school and they thanked me — I love Dr. Seuss!), and the colorful postcard is a first day of issue artist stamp card from Elle of the blog Art of a Letter.    Isn’t it wonderful?  I love her artwork and artist stamps!  Someday, I’m going to try it myself, because of Elle.

out going -- two letters and a post card

The mail I’m sending out doesn’t look very pretty in this photo.  It looks kind of drab and brown, but it really isn’t.  There are two letters and a postcard made from one of my photos taken last winter.  (Last winter?  OK, maybe it’s a little brown in that photo.)  Don’t want to tell you too much about it for fear of totally ruining it for the one who will receive it.  (Click on any photos to enlarge them.)

When I talked to my Aunt Joan, who is a retired postal worker, we talked very briefly about mail art.  She said that when she worked and some would come through they would all yell out to each other that they had some and for everyone to come look at it!  I just loved hearing that.  I asked her to please tell me about any she might remember when she wrote me next time.  Maybe one day, I’ll interview her about it for the blog.  I bet she’s got some stories to tell.

Even though I’m supposed to be posting this on Tuesday, I will be on the road then, so this is my official “52 Weeks of Mail” post.  This is week 2 of 52.  How are you doing with it?  Did you join us yet?  Not too late.

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