Having the BEST time!

I’ve been in OK, visiting the kids and I’ve had the best time with them!

I got here last Thursday.  On my way here, I got to see my sister-in-law Charmaine.  We had brunch together, then stopped at Michaels for some quick shopping.  Then we went by to check out Quilt Country’s new location, see some friends there and, I’ll admit it, I bought a wonderful little bundle of fabric!

LOVE these! My favorites are the yellow and grey & the red and orange! I'm not even sewing right now and I may need more of those fabris!

I arrived at my son’s home late afternoon, just before the kids got out of school.  It was perfect timing!  Shortly after the kids arrived, my friend, Catherine, called to tell me that her breast cancer is stage one (Thank You Lord!).  A little later, we went to an early dinner at Olive Garden, one of my son’s favorite places.  I was much more relaxed after getting Catherine’s call.  I even slept better that night!

Youngest granddaughter working on her scrapbook.

Friday the kids were out of school.  We spent most of the day looking through photos that I had sorted for them while I was still at home.  (I had taken home 6 or 7 boxes of their photos and sorted them and put them into categories.)  The whole family went to lunch together.  Later we girls also went shoe shopping, had some photos copied and I took them to Michaels so they could spend their allowance.  That night we started working on the scrapbooks — one for each of them with their mother, plus any other photos they wanted to add.

Saturday, the oldest girl had to go to school for a bit, so the youngest girl and I had a good two hours to ourselves just to work on her scrapbook.  We trimmed photos just about the whole time.  When the oldest got out of school, it was time for Gramma to have Special Birthday Celebration time with her, just the two of us.  She had decided that she wanted to go to lunch and see a movie.  So she got to pick where to eat — Panera, we both like it.  Then we drove downtown to see The Secret World of Arrietty.  We both enjoyed it too, although I don’t think she noticed all of the Japanese things in the house, I found it quite interesting.  When we got home, we all worked on scrapbooks again together, even going to get more photos copied.

The oldest sweeping up the kitchen in her old cat Halloween costume. What a hoot these kids are!

Sunday, the girls had to do their chores and I was just pooped.  That night I stayed up late and worked on the scrapbook for their little brother.  I got about half way finished with it.  It’s a small one.  Have you ever noticed that the more kids a family has, they usually take fewer photos of the ones that follow the first one?

Monday the kids all went back to school.  I finished the scrapbook for the youngest and was still just pooped.  I ended up going to bed at 7:30 PM!

The one I worked on for little brother.

Tuesday was spent sleeping just a little late, while the kids were in school and doing a few small chores.  After they got home and we all ate dinner together, I took the girls shopping again. This time for some unmentionables for the oldest.  Then we came home and I watched a movie with their dad and they got ready for bed.

Time to pack most of this back up and take it home.

Wednesday, was the day I was in charge of taking them to and from school.  I washed dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and cooked up some lasagna for the them to eat for dinner while I had my hair cut.  Things will be back to normal in a few days because I’ll be going home soon.  It’s been a really great visit this time.  I hate for it to end, but I’m also ready to sleep in my own bed.

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