Letters and Writing Utensils

here she is with her cover on

I don’t remember if I told you or not, but I got a great typewriter and a beautiful fountain pen last Christmas!  I didn’t show them to you earlier because the desk where I write letters at home was buried under a mountain of “stuff”.  Well, last night, I unburied half of it.  I’ve been needing to write some letters for a good long while now and I just couldn’t take putting it off any longer!

Tippa S -- Sweet!

First, I started writing with my Tippa S manual typewriter!  Oh baby, is she sweet!  She types in cursive and was a gift from my hubby!  Now, I’ll have to admit that I had forgotten just how much pressure it takes to press down manual typewriter keys!  I’d also forgotten that I’m a horrible typist!  I’m really embarrassed to send the letter I typed, but I’m going to anyway.  I think my friend will forgive me — eventually.  Besides, it will give her some practice at being a secret agent and decoding those pesky secret messages they have to decode all the time.  (I told you I was a bad typist.)

click to enlarge the photo, you'll be able to see the type better

I hope you can tell just how lovely the type is on this cursive machine by this photo!  I know that if you look close, you can see that I was not exaggerating about my bad typing.  I had to put a slash mark through the very first letter I typed because I forgot to capitalize it!  And it took me forever to figure out where some of the punctuation is!  It’s not quite the same as my little laptop.  I even forgot to put a space between some of the words.  Oh what a mess.  Have you got your fingers crossed yet that this letter is not coming to you?

it's a Faber-Castell and I love the way it writes!

Anyway, I finally couldn’t take anymore!  My fingers were tired.  My spirit was sore.  (I need to practice on something other than letters!)  I set the pretty little typewriter aside and grabbed my lovely new fountain pen (given to me by my precious son) to finish up the rest of the letter and write another little note.  I don’t have a macro lens for my camera.  I don’t even have a digital camera that I can change my camera lens on, so I couldn’t get as close up on the pen as I would have liked.  Trying to enlarge the photo, messed with the color, so I just turned it to black and white.  I like it, but you can’t see that it’s silver with brown wood in the photo.  Since it’s made of real wood, I got a “walnut” ink for it.  Love!  If you want some Noodler’s Walnut ink like mine, just click on the link here.  I just like the Goulet Pen Company.  I’m not getting any kind of compensation for recommending them here.

Who will be getting this envelope?

I also dabbled a bit in making envelopes again today.  I made the one I’m showing here from a book on Michelangelo that I got from Half Price Books a month or so ago.  I was to the point where I wanted to use my new washi tape that I had gotten last December to close up the sides when I realized that I have no idea where it is!  It could be packed away here or I could have left it at my son’s home.  I can’t find my little scissors either.  Boo.  Hiss.  So, I came up with a little compromise — I used hole reinforcement stickers!  I didn’t think it needed much more than that.

I’ll be reactivating my Postcrossing account soon, so you’ll hear a lot more about my letters and postcards again soon.  Chaos Ranch will pretty much be like it was before I left.  Have I told you lately that it’s good to be back?

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3 Responses to Letters and Writing Utensils

  1. Chris says:

    Love the typewriter! Didn’t know they made typewriters with cursive type. Just go to show you how much I don’t know. I remember using manual typewriters many, many years ago! I’ve been a typist during all of my careers that it’s like second nature to me. I really enjoy it but do know what it’s like to misspell a word. I call it “finger dyslexia”. Also love the fountain pen. I’m jealous!!!

    • “finger dyslexia”! I love that! I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a cursive typewriter either until I saw one on a blog. I think the blog I saw it on was The Well-Appointed Desk, but I haven’t been able to find the typewriter again on it, so I’m not sure. Here is the blog link, just in case you want to check them out. http://wellappointeddesk.tumblr.com/

      I knew the one I saw was a Tippa. I started looking for them on ebay and found it just before Christmas.

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