Standing UP to Bullies!!!

When I was young, it was just kid stuff — to be bullied in school or maybe in the neighborhood.  Nowadays, with all of the electronic media available to our children, being bullied can be constant, unrelenting torment that destroys our young people.  I recently saw a partial news report about an elementary student who committed suicide over being bullied here in Texas.  This is becoming all to common in the United States and we have to put a stop to it!  One way, in my opinion, is to talk to  our children and have them stand up for each other.

I’ve been talking to my granddaughters a lot about bullying.  Both girls have been bullied in past schools and the best friends of both girls are being bullied now.  (I’m also concerned that since their younger brother is a bit different, he will be bullied.)  So, I’ve talked to the girls about standing up for their friends and defending them , making sure the teachers and other adults know and having their friends tell their parents.

Tuesday, my oldest granddaughter, who is eleven, was outside playing when she noticed some little kids being bullied by an older boy she’d never seen in the neighborhood before.  She rose to their defence asking him why he was picking on them.  He hit her in the mouth and then ran away!   I’m sure she was terrified, but she did succeed in getting him to leave the children, who were only 3 or 4, alone!

She did not tell her father about the incident.  Somehow, she even managed to hide her face from him that night.  Her school called him the next morning to report it to him because they did not want him to think it happened there.  Now, my brave, spirited, granddaughter has a split lip from this bully and the knowledge that she helped little kiddos who were probably scared.  I am so very proud of her!  I pray this boy never comes back to the neighborhood.  I also pray she always stands up for what she believes in, no matter what the risk!  God bless this beautiful child.

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