A Visit to Fairlie, Texas

Mrs. B

My mother and I recently drove to points north to visit a former neighbor.  This lovely lady — Mrs. B — lived across the street from us for more than 15 years, maybe 20 years.  She once watched over my sister and I while our mother worked for the City of Dallas.  Feeding us lunch each day — our favorite was sloppy joes, from her own recipe (I thought they all came from a can!).  We’d often watched The Fugitive in the den while eating lunch, although probably not the sloppy joes, while Mr. and Mrs. B ate lunch together each day.  He also worked for the City of Dallas, but was able to come home for lunch.

Years later, while momma was at work, Teresa and I were home alone watching TV (we were older then and didn’t need a babysitter) when we noticed a snake on the floor!  One of us stepped from the couch to the coffee table and got a great big old Dallas phone book to drop onto the snake.  Then I watched to make sure the snake didn’t go anywhere and I sent Teresa over to get Mr. B.  He came and got that snake and killed it for us.  I have no idea how it got into the house and I really don’t know exactly what kind it was.  I do remember that it was red, black and yellow, but I don’t remember in which order the bands of color were.  So, it was either a King snake or a Coral snake.  One is extremely poisonous, the other is not.  When Mr. B passed a few years ago, Mrs. B described him as her sweetheart.  They were married over 60 years.

What's left of Mr. Bussey's Store

After our visit with Mrs. B, we headed on over to Fairlie, which is where my momma had lived as a child.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot left of Fairlie.  If momma hadn’t been with me, I would have passed it by and never realized it.  In fact I did pass it and had to turn around.  The first place we stopped was the old store.  To be correct, it had been Mr. Bussey’s Store and at one time, my momma’s twin brothers broke into said store.  I have no other details as far as things taken, punishment and that sort of thing, but after looking around awhile, it may have been just to see if they could do it.  There wasn’t a whole heck of a lot to do in Fairlie, even back then.  Looking at the photo, I bet the store was quite nice in the 1940’s and early Fifty’s.

Where momma's tin house used to be

From where we were parked to take the photo of the store, we could also see where momma and her daddy’s house used to be.  Their house was made of tin and is no longer standing, but there is a house on the site of their former home.  Later we drove down the street so I could see the house area better.  I didn’t really get to look though because there were three big dogs chasing my car the whole time I was anywhere near the house!

Fairlie Baptist Church

My favorite spot in the little town was the Fairlie Baptist Church.  I forgot to ask momma if it looked the same when she lived there.  I thought it was just lovely.  If I lived in Fairlie, I would attend this little church instead of the big Cowboy Church down the road.  Just look at that bell!  We couldn’t find where the old school used to be.  This bell reminds me of an old school bell.  I wonder if it belonged to the church or if they put it here when they tore down the old school?

Well, that’s pretty much it.  I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane with us.

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