A Little More Mail Headed Out

LWA welcome packet

I did get a little mail too.  I recently joined the Letter Writers Alliance.  I got the welcome packet in the mail this week!  I love how they packaged it all up.  Canceled postage stamps and rubber stamped all over, tied with that cute string and my member pin attached!  Fun, fun, fun!  Enclosed — my membership card and member stationery.  My fountain pen does not like the member stationery — so sad.  Yes, I’ve already written a short letter on it.  It will go out today.

Monarch butterflies on stamps and catalogs

I also got a sweet envelope filled with Box Tops for Education from a friend yesterday!  It’s here in this photo with a little catalog from Ulta (where I get my hair cut, when I break down and get it cut).  The reason I put the Ulta catalog in the photo is because I got to talking to my postal worker, Debbie about the stamps they had left in stock after the price change.  She was trying to use them up on packages going out and I wanted some of those lovely butterfly stamps!  I didn’t have any yet!  So, I grabbed up a few.  Then I realized the same lovely Monarch butterfly was on the Ulta catalog.  I may have to cut them out for mail art!

letter to my grandson, with envelope

I put those Box Tops I got from my friend together with the ones I had saved and divided them between my three grandchildren.  Then I wrote each of them a little letter to go with them.  I’m hoping that my granddaughters will enjoy the practice reading cursive and that my grandson will enjoy the practice reading period.  I can never tell what he’ll enjoy for sure though.  I do know he’ll like getting the Sponge Bob sticker and he’ll enjoy the popcorn he gets at school if he remembers to take his Box Tops!   He may even enjoy seeing his name on an envelope!

mail art envelopes, ready to mail

Of course the granddaughters will be getting mail art envelopes for their letters too.  There is a photo of their envelopes along with one I’m mailing to a friend and another I’ll be mailing in the next day or two.  My friend’s envelope was made from a book of Michelangelo paintings.  It originally showed a penis (which I covered with the address label) along with the two breasts.  I wasn’t sure what all could go through the mail.  I know this is fine art and all, but some folks might not be familiar with fine art and mistake it for porn.  So, I covered the nipples on the breasts with little heart stickers.  That in itself probably turned it into porn, since it not looks like little pasties.  Have you ever sent naked people mail art through the mail?  How did it go for you?  Are you serving 10 – 20 in the Federal Pen?  In the future, I may leave the return address off the envelope and just drop it in a big blue mail box on the street!

some of the postcards that are going out today

I also wrote out seven postcards last night for postcrossing members.    Can you tell that I’m craving bluebonnets?  They’ll be blooming soon!  Then I’ll be showing you photos of them right here, up close and personal!

More later…..

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