At my Local Post Office Today

sweet Debbie at my PO

Our Postmaster is on vacation, so I got to see Debbie today!  Debbie is semi-retired now.  She used to be our regular counter person — back when Frieda was the postmaster of our little post office.  I never really kept up with schedules, so I never knew who would be there, but I loved both ladies and always enjoyed seeing whoever was working that day.  Now Frieda has retired and gone on to enjoy life in other ways and means.



Debbie's Christmas cactus

Debbie worked like crazy right after Frieda retired.  Then they assigned us a  new postmaster.  Shortly after, Debbie semi-retired.  Now she fills in when our Postmaster has a day off or goes on vacation.  Doesn’t she have a beautiful smile?  She also brought in this lovely Christmas cactus to brighten up the post office for the week.  I miss her being there on a regular basis.  Debbie was always bringing in pretty plants and cut flowers for us to enjoy.  None of the plants and flowers were as enjoyable as she is though.

stamps I purchased today

The only thing I got in today’s mail was Jane Eyre from Netflix.  I did purchase some stamps.  I got more of the Love stamps.  I really like these stamps and I’ve used almost all that I had.  Then I bought ten each of the Mark Twain and Barbara Jordan — the first female politician I can remember admiring.  Now, do I watch the movie or write a couple of more letters?

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2 Responses to At my Local Post Office Today

  1. Marina says:

    I love those stamps! Here in my country we can’t order stamps so I always have same boring ones.. 😦

    • Oh, that’s sad! One of the things I love most is pretty stamps! I have way more than I’ll ever use and I keep buying more. I told Debbie just yesterday that I wish they came out in sheets of ten instead of twenty so I could buy a larger variety. They make such pretty ones and I can’t buy them all! Thank you for stopping by Marina.

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