Talk about this “Old” Lady’s Mind and Luck

Remember the envelope I showed recently that I said I’d be mailing soon?  Well, I mailed it off today with wonderful old postage attached.  The only problem was that I somehow managed to mis-count the amount of postage on the envelope.  I blame it on my “old” brain.  I was talking to Debbie at the Post Office about the postage and neither of us noticed it.  Halfway home, in the pouring rain, I realized what I’d done.  I turned around at the first place I could and went back to the Post Office.  Fortunately, I had a nickel in my purse — only a nickel!  So, I was able to purchase another stamp to go with a three cent stamp I happened to have with me, so I could send that little letter on its way.  Talk about luck!

great on postcards

Today’s mail brought something I ordered.  It’s my favorite ball point pen for writing on postcards!  In fact, it’s really the only ball point pen I like.  I discovered this pen probably four years ago when I borrowed one from my daughter-in-law and fell in love with it.  I could only find a few of them for myself at the local CVS drug store.  I looked everywhere I went for more of them and I do mean everywhere — in California, Oklahoma and in Texas.  If I went into a store that sold any type of writing pen, I looked for these pens, to no avail!  Recently my son said something that stuck with me when I was visiting him and looking for a particular brand of coffee.  He looked on Amazon for the coffee and found it, then said, “If it’s not perishable or living, they probably have it on Amazon.”.  So, I finally looked there for these pens!  Low and behold — they had them!  After three or more years, I have found my pens!   My son also loves these pens and for some reason, has not thought to look on Amazon for them.  I ordered a dozen of them and I’m going to give him half of them.

The reason I love these pens — the surface of most postcards are kind of slick.  The ink in these pens does not smear on them, like most of the other pens I’ve tried on postcards!  They are great!

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