Other Things Do Happen

I don’t mean for this blog to be just about mail and things related, but it sure seems to be lately.  Other things do happen around here, but just not many of them recently that I care to talk about.  So, until other blog worthy things in my life pick up, I hope you don’t mind seeing and hearing about all things postal related.

I took a few things to the post office this morning.  Come to think of it, I don’t believe I even took photos of them before they went out.  I do wish I had taken a photo of a little drawing I did on a letter.  My first sad attempt at a seagull.  I’m not much of an artist and every once in a great while, I like to prove it to someone.

three letters just for little old me!

When I got to my mailbox and opened it up, I almost squealed and danced for joy!  I could see a letter on top from Mrs. B and I could see a bright pink envelope peeking out from under.  I recognized that pink envelope!  It was one of several that I stamped and self-addressed before giving to my granddaughters.  I did this in hopes that they would start writing me ages ago.  The return address just uses their first initial and they have the same one, so I wasn’t positive which girl had written, but I did guess correctly by the time I got home.  I even had a third letter in the stack.  It was my first subscription letter from The Rumpus.  The one I got today was dated February 15 and written by Matthew Specktor.  It was a great letter!  He even put a return address on it so we could write him back, if we wanted to.  I wonder how many people will?  I picture him under this mountain of letters.

Getting a letter from a nine-year old child is a treat!  (I told her it was a better gift for me than anything she could spend her money on!)  She learned cursive, but since they don’t use it in school, she doesn’t remember it well enough to really write it.  I’m still hoping to re-teach her one day.  She does read it a bit though.  I wrote her letter in cursive, knowing she may not be able to read it by herself.  Her letter told me she “read my letter good”.  She thanked me for sending the box tops (for education).  She also told me she read her little brother’s letter to him and said he got popcorn every week anyway.  So, fun!  In case you’re wondering about the popcorn, if the kid’s at this school bring in 10 box tops for education, they get a lunch bag of popcorn on Friday afternoon.  I just noticed that she signed love and her name in cursive!  Loved this letter!  If you would like to donate box tops for education somewhere and don’t know where to do it, just send them to me at the address on the upper right.  I’ll make sure they go to a poor school in Oklahoma.

mail going out -- yes, I know there no addresses yet

Well, I just had to sit there and write her back before I could even open the letter from Mrs. B.  Then after I read Mrs. B’s letter, I actually wrote her back before reading the Rumpus letter.  I don’t know what’s gotten into me!  Sure hope I keep it up.  So, at this point, I’ve got two letters and a postcard going out tomorrow.  Although I may write more before I go pick up the mail tomorrow.  (I know I’ll be going to the post office.  I’m supposed to be getting the Quiet Man from Netflix!)

In case you’re wondering why the envelopes don’t have addresses in the photo, it’s because I had a request to show the envelope without the address being covered all up, if possible.  Since these were going out without additional decorating, I decided they would be easy to show.  I’ll just add an address label and send them on their way.  Hope it helps.

there are just a few so far

Now, here is something I’ve been waiting months for — the first bluebonnets I’ve seen this year!  They happen to be in my mother’s yard.  I saw them on the 10th!  Momma saw the first one blooming the week before!  I just hope we haven’t had so much rain that the bluebonnets have a bad year.  In case you don’t know, I anticipate the first bluebonnets and Opening Day of baseball season the way I used to anticipate Christmas morning when I was a child!  More later….

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