Lost Quilt Come Home

My last post was about quilts being stolen from Karen Combs, a nationally known quilt teacher who was in Texas at the time of the theft.  I hate that her amazing quilts were stolen.  I hate that they were stolen in Texas.  I hope you took a look at her work, even if you aren’t a Texas resident because — in my humble opinion — everyone needs to see the variety of quilts made today and these are not bed quilts like you might be thinking of.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with bed quilts!  I love them.  I use them.  I make them.  I also think every quilt, including bed quilts, are a work of art, but the quilts that Ms. Combs made are art in and of them selves that are depicted in fiber.  They would never grace a bed.  So, if you only think quilts are made for beds, please take a look at my last post and see some of her quilts and you might even want to consider going to a big quilt show soon.  You will be amazed at what you see!

What I really wanted to tell you about is the website Lost Quilt Come Home.  They post stories of lost and stolen quilts, quilts that have been found, but are missing their people and quilts that are recovered and back home.   It’s a good place to know about, just in case.  It’s also got some interesting reading.

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