Happy Spring and Things Postal

  • I feel like I’m trying to get sick.
  • It rained a whole heck of a lot last night.  The lake is full.  Well, it’s actually over flowing.  They have all six of the flood gates open.  That’s a nice change from the lake with the unusual beach we had just a few weeks ago.  A beach, in fact, that we had never had before in all the 20+ years that I’ve lived here.
  • I’m headed to the dentist later in the morning for my permanent crown to be put on my tooth.
  • The bluebonnets are starting to really bloom!  I saw a fairly large patch close to the house on Sunday.  Yes, I’ll take photos soon.

# 1 from Japan

Now it’s time for some postcards!  These came to me over the last couple of days.  First is a postcrossing card from Mizuki in Japan.  She says that she lives in the seaside and has five cats that like to climb on her back, but they are so cute.  This is a view of her city.  She likes this place.  The last samurai “Hijikata — Toshizou” was here.  The photo of the front of the card is of Goryokaku, Hakodate, which is apparently a star-shaped fort.  I found the information on the link to be very interesting.

crane stamp and Mizuki's grandfather's painting, from the Japan postcard

I believe the stamp used on the postcard from Japan is some sort of crane.  I bet these birds are just beautiful in person!  You may notice that Mizuki has written “my grandfather’s painting” with a little arrow pointing down to the image of painting.  Unfortunately, there is no information whatsoever on the postcard about the painting!  I can only imagine the thrill it must be to have your grandfather’s painting printed on the back of postcards though!  Isn’t that amazing?

# 2 from Marjolein in the Netherlands

The second postcard is also from a postcrossing member.  It made me laugh out loud!  This one is from Marjolein in the Netherlands.  She said she bought this postcard in Belgium when she was visiting her niece.  She also bought some Belgium chocolate during the same visit!  She’s hoping her clothes won’t shrink.  She said her niece lives in Antwerp and goes to school there and she likes to visit her.

Great stamps from the Netherlands!

Marjolein’s postcard had some really wonderful postage stamps!  The photo does not show just has great they are.  The one on the bottom right has shiny silver dots that don’t show up on the photo.  The stamp above it looks like a hawk.  I don’t know what the cartoon stamp is all about, but it is fun.  Love it!  I love all of them.  Love the silver and the bird.  Did you know I love birds?

postcard # 3 from Bonnie Jeanne

Postcards number 3 and 4 come from Bonnie Jeanne over at the Orphaned Postcard Project.  She sent the third one to me as a thank you for me adopting one of her postcards and sending it back to her.  You can see that postcard and what was written about it here.  About this card — she says that she works in an office right across the river from PNC Park and on game days she can watch the action from her desk.  Now, if that was the Texas Rangers, I’d be so very envious!  I really should have photographed the stamps on this card too.  they are US stamps, but they are older and fun.  I may do that later for you all.  *** Only 17 days until the Rangers home opener!!


Vanity Fair postcard

The fourth postcard is also from Bonnie Jeanne.  I had sent her a thank you postcard for the great Google Hitchcock postcard she sent me a while back.  This one talks about The Birds and the card I sent her.  Pretty cool Vanity Fair card.  I believe it shows the magazine cover for May of 1927.  It says 35 cents, $3.50 a year! 

That’s all for now. 

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