Calling all Letter Writers!

Way back in June of 2011 I started a Circle Letter project with some of my first cousins in an effort to get reacquainted with them.  It’s been a rather hit and miss proposition.  I wrote my letter and sent it off to the first of the cousins on the list.  He took about four months to read my letter and write his letter and send it on to the next cousin.  Unfortunately, by the time she got the letters, it was the holiday season and the kids started coming down sick, company was there a lot and then the letters were stolen (they were in a bag taken from her car)!  So, it took another three or four months for her to write her letter and ask us to send ours again and then send it on to the next cousin.  Which is where it is now.

I must say that I had hoped that each cousin would write a letter within two weeks or just send it on with an oops note  — oops, life got in the way this round, I’ll catch you next time — and we’d be going round after round.  I don’t know if the “circle” will continue after this first round or not.  I know the second cousin is not enthusiastic at this point.

I can’t remember where I read about circle letters now, but I’m sure it was on a blog somewhere last summer.  The idea is for the first person to write a letter and send it to the second person.  Second person reads the letter, writes one of their own and send it to a third person.  This continues until it gets to the last person who sends it back to the first person who would take out their original letter, read all the other letters and write a new letter before sending it on to the second person again, continuing “the circle”.  It was a great idea as a way for my cousins and I to get to know each other again since we’re all so busy and see each other so seldom, but the time element is working against us.

What I’m wondering here is if there are any letter writers out there who would be interested in participating in a pen pal circle letter with maybe four to six total people in it?  We may end up using a clasp envelope fairly early in the mailing since we’re mailing several letters at a time and postage will be higher toward the end of the circle and after it’s gone through one round there will always be higher postage because there will always be 4 – 6 letters in it.  Just depends on how many people are participating.  You would also need to be able to write something and send it on within two to three weeks.

If you would like to do this, leave a comment on this post with some way for me to reach you or email me privately.  I hope I hear from you!

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