old, damaged children's book -- I got this for envelope making

My momma called last night to tell me that she had found an estate sale for us to go to today.  On my way over to pick her up, I passed another estate sale and a church garage sale!  I actually bought something at each one.  Very unusual for me to find something at each place.  (There are more things I’m thinking about going back to check on again tomorrow.  Maybe they’ll still have them and at a cheaper price too!)

the math book, could be lots of fun

At the first estate sale, I got two books ($1 each), both with the intention of  taking them apart to use for making mail art envelopes.  The children’s book has lovely illustrations and is just the kind of thing I’ve been on the lookout for since starting to make my own envelopes.  The second book is a “Collegiate Business Mathematics” book with problems worked in the blank spaces of the book.   I can see this with rubber stamped images and lots of color added.  Fun!

typewriter in its bag

I bought some small hand weights at the second estate sale ($1), but you don’t want to see them and I don’t want to bother photographing them.  So, it’s now time to show  you what I was really thrilled to score — my most recent typewriter!  Momma spotted it and told me about it at the church garage sale.  It was sitting on a table with its case closed, but not zipped.  It took me a while to figure out that this was the typewriter.  I honestly didn’t recognize it as one!  How sad is that?


pretty little thing -- just needs a little work

So, I finally spot it.  I open her up.  My heart skips a beat!  She’s a little charmer.  It’s an AMC, not that I’ve ever heard of this brand of typewriter before.  It looks like it’s had a fairly rough ride of late and it definitely needs a new ribbon, but it is so small and super light —  I pretty much fell in love right then and there!  To be honest, I took one look at the $5 price tag and didn’t even really try the keys much at all.  I just grabbed that baby up and took her to the front to pay for her.  I have no idea what it will cost to get her working, but I may try to drop her off on Friday when I go through Dallas.  If I can get the machine working, I may have the case worked on.  There used to be a leather worker down here.  Don’t know if he’s still here or not, but I’ll find out.  This would be a great machine to haul to a letter writing gathering.  Something I’ve been toying with trying to start in the area for a while now.

All in all, a right fine  and fun day.

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