More Goodies

great pottery pen cup, fun tin and little giraffe, wonderful buddha!

I did go back to that estate sale yesterday.  There were several things I had hoped to get at a lower price.  Unfortunately, they had all sold by the time I got there.  Including the red sofa that sold for half of the original price just five minutes before I talked to the woman!  I gambled and lost out.



my shelf with all the things it holds plus some of the things above it

Before going back to that sale, I went to one other little sale when I was in another small town.  I didn’t think I had found anything at this one, but just as I was walking back to the car, I spotted the little soup tin.  I love tins!  Still, I wasn’t sure I’d get it until I saw the little shelf with these little treasures on it.  The shelf and all the treasures were on sale for $3, but I didn’t want the shelf (I had one at home) or the other little trinkets on the shelf.  So, I plucked the little giraffe and the smiling buddha off of it, grabbed up the tin and went to speak to the owners.  They had to think about selling me the little trinkets without the shelf (I think they were the best things on the shelf and they didn’t think they’d sell it without them!), but they finally consented — for a quarter each, which is also what the tin cost.  I was thrilled because I wanted the little buddha so badly that I would have paid a dollar just for him!  I’d been looking for one for a long while.  I’d found one at that earlier estate sale.  That one was wooden, also smiling with his hands in the air, but one hand was broken off.  They wanted $5 for him.  I would have reluctantly paid half that since he was broken.  If it hadn’t been broken, I would have happily paid twice that.   On my way home, I stopped off at my momma’s  house to show her my new little treasures and she was kind enough to give me the little pottery cup!  So, I keep the fountain pens I’m using at the moment to write a letter in it.  It doesn’t take up as much room as my other pottery pen holder.

washi tape

I also wanted to show you my very small collection of washi tape!  Washi tape is a Japanese tape, kind of like a masking tape, but it’s usually repositionable.  It comes in all kinds of fun colors and patterns.  People use it in scrapbooking, arts and crafts and on mail art envelopes!  It is so fun!  I got the browns and beiges because of a certain paper that I bought to make envelopes from.  The paper is much thicker than I realized and not all that fun to work with though, so I’ll probably save most of this for use during the fall and winter months.  We’ll see.  I find that I use the orange and lime green the most!  I can’t wait to buy more or to go to my next estate sale!

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