If you read my last post, you know that I was not in the best of moods when I wrote it.  Yesterday didn’t go as I had planned, not all the way around.  It was just an “off” day.  Nothing serious, but off.  Then I talked to my granddaughter and sank lower than I’ve been in a while, because nothing I said seemed to help her at all .  There are lots of things weighing on my mind lately.  Just as I’m sure there are on the minds of many other folks.  Well, there’s not a damn thing I can do about the price of gasoline, but I can give myself a momentary attitude adjustment if I stop to think of the things I’m grateful for in my life.  So, here goes…I’m grateful —

  • that my hubby has a job
  • that we have health insurance
  • I am able to pay my bills
  • we have a roof over our heads
  • my son is serving Stateside
  • the days of sadness for my grandchildren are now fewer than the days of happiness
  • my momma is in good health
  • my friend is having her lumpectomy today
  • our cars are running
  • the lake is full
  • the mud is drying out
  • I found some fairly good bananas at the store
  • most of my loved ones are near
  • for friends
  • I’m starting to feel tired

I reserve the right to continue this list later in the day or even tomorrow.  Right now, I think I need some rest.  Love and hugs to you all.

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  1. Those are heartfelt thanks. I felt them. Be nice to yourself 🙂

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