More Gratitiude

I am grateful….

  • for bird songs
  • for the passage of time making bad things easier
  • for good sleep
  • for telephones that bring the voices of loved ones
  • for the resilience of kids and their ability to make poop jokes
  • for the little things
  • for the big things
  • for letters in the mail
  • for photographs
  • for bluebonnets
  • for distractions when waiting for surgery news
  • for shampoo
  • for inside plumbing
  • for clean water to drink
  • for objects that bring back sweet memories
  • for songs that transport you to another time, making you feel 16 again
  • for bamboo back scratchers
  • for the kindness of strangers
  • that it’s almost baseball season
  • for artistic endeavors
  • for weird dreams
  • for good teachers
  • for pets
  • that I was blessed with my wonderful son
  • that I don’t worry as much as I used to
  • for tweezers
  • for the people who do the dirty work
  • for the people who risk their lives to protect and save us
  • for the kids and other people who stand up to the bullies
  • that I can make a gratitude list anytime I want to

That’s all for now.

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2 Responses to More Gratitiude

  1. What a beautiful complete list. Each of your gratitudes went straights to my heart. Welcome back, friend 🙂

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