Some Mail

I’ve gotten quite a few postcrossing postcards since I last showed them to you.

# 1 from the Ukraine

This first one comes from Yuliya.  She lives in the small town of Ternople in the Western part of the Ukraine.  She shares that she also likes to paint and gave her blog address where she shares her art.  Click here if you want to see her blog.  She says that the front of the postcard shows a painting by the Ukrainian artist Oksana Todorova and it says “Happy Birthday”.

Love this Ukraine postage stamp!

Just look at this great stamp it had on it too!  An ink well with a quill pen!  Love it!

# 2 -- Lovely Town Hall and Catholic Church in Minsk

The second postcard comes from Maryna in Belarus near Minsk.  It shows the Minsk Town Hall and the Roman Catholic Church of St. Virgin Mary.  She likes to go for walks here!  She says that she lives in a rural area, in a house that her grandfather built.  She thinks big cities are too noisy.  She doesn’t say which building is which, but I’m guessing that the church is the larger of the two.

stamp used on postcard # 2

The stamp she used reminds me of a quilt!

Dutch Meadow Birds, postcard # 3

The third postcard comes from the Netherlands.  She says “These are birds from the Dutch meadow.  I like birdwatching all though I don’t know all the birds by name.  I love to watch their colors and how they fly, walk or swim.”   I like to watch birds too and enjoy the same things about them.  I also love to watch them interact with each other.

Emu from Australia

The fourth card comes from Dena and is my first from Australia!  It shows an Emu, the largest native bird to Australia.  Dena lives north of Brisbane City.  She says that emus live in the country and outback region.  She doesn’t see any in the area she lives in, but has seen plenty out west.  They can’t fly, but can run 50 klm per hour (about 31 miles per hour!).  She has some great stamps on the card too, but my photos of them didn’t turn out.  I’ll try to remember to take some more for later.

The last two cards have wonderful phrasing on them.  I love how sometimes languages don’t translate all that well.  I’m sure that folks in other countries learn proper English, not exactly what we speak here in the States.  I’m always especially touched by these writers who speak and translate precisely.  They do it so very much better than I could ever speak or write in their language!

# 5 Casanova and friends

Postcard number 5 comes from Dany in Austria!  She drew little doodles on the card, which I loved!  She says that “Today is the begin of Spring.  Lovely sunny weather outside and birds are singing….Could it be better?!  Here is the translation of the card:  Casanova of Future!  The Demographic Change is Greeting!”  I’m thinking it might translate better to — the Demographic Change is Welcome.  That’s just one of the little lovelies you get from foreign postcards!  Love them!

Stamps from Austria

Just look at these great stamps too!  I really love the Heddy Lamarr stamp and the ring of fire is wonderful too!

Beautiful! From Russian Federation

The last postcard is from Valdimir in the Russian Federation.  I’m going to quote the whole card…”Hello Sharon!  To you as the supporter of traditions and eternal values I want to show postcard those places in my area where are able to store traditions.  Plyos is one of 8 old Russian cities which have kept unique monuments of history and culture.  Contemporaries have named them “Gold ring”.  Plyos decorates 600 years the river Volga and attracts to itself with the beauty!  Good by Valdimir”  Wonderful!  The postage stamp looks to be a bridge.  I’ll have to photograph it too.

That’s all for now.

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