Catching Up

my mermaid, yes she has glasses on

I sent this envelope to my niece.  One of my granddaughters may have stamped the mermaid on the envelope.  Whoever did it, did not get the face, so I provided one.  Noses are not my strong suit and I forgot lips.  Oh well.  It’s fun anyway.

Australian stamps photo # 1

I love these Australian stamps!  Just look at this jumping spider!

Australian stamp photo # 2

I don’t know what type of bird this is, but it looks kind of parrot like.  The last of my Australian stamps.

Cool Russian Federation bridge stamp

This is the bridge stamp I mentioned in my last post.  It came on the postcard from the Russian Federation.

the house is open to the public, if you're ever in the area

I even found a couple of postcards that I had somehow forgotten to share with you.  The first one is of Houmas House.  It was sent from Mandeville, Louisiana from 4th grader Analynn and 1st grader Timothy.  They told me that Analynn likes to play volleyball and Timothy likes to play baseball.  They were both in the middle of state testing when they sent this to me.

plam trees in Elche

The last postcard comes from Irene in Elche, Spain.  She says that Elche is a beautiful town by the Mediterranean Sea.  They have thousands of palm trees and were given an Unesco Site because of them.

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