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Happy Spring and Things Postal

I feel like I’m trying to get sick. It rained a whole heck of a lot last night.  The lake is full.  Well, it’s actually over flowing.  They have all six of the flood gates open.  That’s a nice change from the … Continue reading

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Lost Quilt Come Home

My last post was about quilts being stolen from Karen Combs, a nationally known quilt teacher who was in Texas at the time of the theft.  I hate that her amazing quilts were stolen.  I hate that they were stolen in … Continue reading

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Have YOU Seen These Quilts?

QUILTS STOLEN March 18, 2012 in On the Road, Optical Illusions, Quilt related blogs, quilts ***This story is about Karen Combs and her quilts being stolen.  They are not my quilts.  I am sharing this in an effort to recover … Continue reading

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Other Things Do Happen

I don’t mean for this blog to be just about mail and things related, but it sure seems to be lately.  Other things do happen around here, but just not many of them recently that I care to talk about.  So, until other blog … Continue reading

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Monday’s Mail

Here is what is going out today, Monday.  (My hand is hurting at the moment from all the writing and it doesn’t even look like that much in this little stack here.) First is an envelope that I decorated by hand … Continue reading

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Very Interesting!

One of the shows I like to watch is Sunday Morning on CBS.  In fact, it’s one of my favorites and has been for years.  They report on a wide variety of subjects, some of which I would never hear … Continue reading

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Talk about this “Old” Lady’s Mind and Luck

Remember the envelope I showed recently that I said I’d be mailing soon?  Well, I mailed it off today with wonderful old postage attached.  The only problem was that I somehow managed to mis-count the amount of postage on the envelope.  I blame it … Continue reading

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A List of things I LOVE

Today, I am filled with gratitude and I feel like making a list!  So, in no particular order, I’m listing things I love… pretty stamps bluebonnets my family! the smell of fresh-cut grass the sound of laughter — especially, my son’s, … Continue reading

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At my Local Post Office Today

Our Postmaster is on vacation, so I got to see Debbie today!  Debbie is semi-retired now.  She used to be our regular counter person — back when Frieda was the postmaster of our little post office.  I never really kept up … Continue reading

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A Little More Mail Headed Out

I did get a little mail too.  I recently joined the Letter Writers Alliance.  I got the welcome packet in the mail this week!  I love how they packaged it all up.  Canceled postage stamps and rubber stamped all over, … Continue reading

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