I’ve been busy

my veteran letters, so far

I usually spend a lot of time on Saturday writing letters and postcards.  I started on Friday night, writing letters to the World War 2 Veterans.  I managed to get five letters done that were just taken to the mailbox.  I hope to get a few more done in the next couple of days, but you just never know.  My hand hurts quite a bit right now from all of the writing I’ve done.  I did have my regular letters and cards to write too.  Plus I sent a thank you letter to a woman who helped me with a flower order in a town that has no flower shop and I also sent her boss a letter of appreciation for her and a thank you for the delivery service this grocery store provides.

productive weekend

In all, I put 5 Easter cards, 6 post cards, 5 letters to Veterans and 2 thank you letters in the mail box today for tomorrows mail.  I still have more mail I need to write too!

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2 Responses to I’ve been busy

  1. Busy, indeed! Your handwriting is nice; I couldn’t write that long. I’ve been typing nearly everything over 1/2 my life. I know it seems impersonal, but I can barely write some days. Lovely work that I’m sure will be appreciated all around 🙂

    • I sometimes type my letters, but my typing it much worse than my writing. My writing gets much worse as my hand gets tired. I tried to write some today and it was horrible. My hand is so tired from writing so much over the weekend. I’d love to have lots of pen pals and write to them all every week, but my hand just can’t handle it. And for your information, there is a great comeback for using the old fashioned typewriter! Lots of people are using them now! We odd folks that do use them do not consider them impersonal at all!


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