Great Rubber Stamps!

catalog front

I had some fun mail in my box today!  I got a letter from my Rumpus letter subscription.  I haven’t even had time to read it yet!  I got some photos and blank cards I had printed.  Some of you may get some of them in the mail one day.  I got the photos to share and to make postcards from.  Money is getting tight with the rise in gas prices and everything else.  I have to get creative if I want to have money to do all the things I want to be able to do.

my stamps, the envelope, my favorite pages in the catalog

The thing I enjoyed the most from today’s mail was my rubber stamp order from Leavenworth Jackson Rubber Stamps!  I first discovered them when I was spending a little time on pinterest.  I really try not to go there,  but when I do, I always find something great.  Anyway, I found Leavenworth Jackson and spent a lot of time looking at their online catalog.  It is great!  I prefer the paper catalog that I got in the mail today though because I can hold it and drool on it.  Laptops don’t like drool.  There are so many rubber stamps that I want from them!  You really need to go look at their website.  You will enjoy!

*I love the stamps they used on the envelope they mailed to me.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find either of them in the catalog.

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