The Kreativ Blogger Award


I got a surprise tonight!  I got an email/blog comment that I had been nominated for a Kreativ Blogger Award by Amy of the blog Pen Names and Other Escapes.  Thank you Amy!  I’ve never been nominated for a Blogger Award of any kind before.  So this is special to me.  It kind of tickles my happy-bone.

There are three things you do when you get this award.  The first is to acknowledge the person who nominated you and put the award badge in your blog post.  Done above.  The second thing is to tell ten things about yourself that aren’t commonly known.  The third is to nominate six other blogs.  Wait for it….coming in paragraphs below.

Information not commonly known about me:

  1. I’ve worn glasses since I was 14 months old.
  2. I hate to go to sleep each night.  I’d rather just stay up all night.
  3. Once I give in and go to sleep, I hate to get up.  I love to sleep.  (Yes, I know that’s contradictory)
  4. I refused to believe that I had a Texas accent until I heard myself at a drive thru window one time saying “no, that’s all” and I realized I’d turned “all” into a  two-syllable word!  My accent is actually rather strong.
  5. I can pinch with my toes.
  6. I love to have a garden, but I’ve given them up.  I always let them die in August when the temperatures are over 100 degrees (F).
  7. I believe in ghosts
  8. I love to spend the night in haunted hotels
  9. I hate to shop for shoes, eye glasses, clothes in general and bras in particular
  10. I’m having trouble with my hands (arthritis, I think), so I’m not quilting much at all or beading anymore.

Now, on to the Nominees of my choice.  (I hope they will accept!  If they don’t, changes will be made.)  I picked varied blogs.  I like so many different kinds!:

  1. An Inch of Time
  2. CappuccinoAndArtJournal
  3. Traci Bunkers: Welcome to My World
  4. Quietly Kickin and Screamin
  5. the INtangible blog
  6. DISPATCH from LA


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3 Responses to The Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. LOL!!! I’m so honored to be mentioned, Sharon. Thank you SO much. I accept you kindness and will follow through. Now, on to you – FOURTEEN MONTHS OLD WITH GLASSES?? Wow – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair that small; I share your love of gardening, but I cannot imagine doing it in such heat. I’m sure I would let mine go as well. Would be nearly impossible to keep it watered; I’m sorry you can’t get with your quilting anymore – I know how much you love it. That makes me sad for you :-(; and lastly, I would LOVE to hear your voice and your accent and have always wished I had an accent. 🙂
    Thanks, again, love 🙂

  2. Chris O says:

    Thank you Sharon! I am very honored to be given this award. I am in the process of posting it to my blog. Sorry about the delay!!!

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