Delightful Mail Art

I had intended to write yesterday about how lonely my mail box was last week.  Then we had a big old storm roll through and knock out our power for at least an hour.  It just happened to be the hour I had to write the post, so I never got to it.  Today, I got up, showered, hit the Post Office, then visited my momma and did some shopping.

youngest granddaughter's first mail art

I don’t have a lot of time right now for a long writing session, but I did want to share one treasure I got in the mail today.  It is my youngest granddaughter’s first mail art envelope!  I was absolutely delighted when I saw this in my mailbox!  When I went in to pay the extra 20 cents, I had to show it to my postmaster.  He said it was great and that he thinks I should frame it!  I just might do that!  After all, I think it’s better than what I mailed out.

one of the things I mailed out today

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