My Recently Received Postcards

My mailbox has been really slow lately — some might say — wait for it — slow as a snail!  Yea, I know.  In the last week and a half, I’ve gotten only 6 postcards and two letters.  One of the letters is the one from my granddaughter that I’ve already shown you in the previous two posts.  The other letter is one of my Rumpus Letter in the Mail letters.  Last week, it was just 3 postcards.  I guess I haven’t been writing enough.  You know, you have to write them to get them.

#1 from Sierd in Fryslan Netherlands

All of the postcards I show you today will be postcrossing cards except the third one.  The first postcard is a bit difficult to read.  It’s written in a felt pen.  It comes from the Netherlands.  It says that Fryslan is a rural province in the north of the Netherlands.  He suggests that I look up the area in Wikipedia and hopes that the postcard has encouraged my curiosity about the area.  I think his name is Sierd.

#2 from Violletta -- beautiful name!

The second postcard came to me in an envelope.  When I first joined Postcrossing I really did not like getting postcards in envelopes, but now, I really like it.  The stamps are on the envelope so that I can take them off and use them for mail art if I want to and then you can write on the whole width of the  postcard itself!  That’s basically twice the writing space.  Not that people usually write twice as much, but sometimes they do and sometimes they draw something or you can see what their handwriting it really like because it’s not all scrunched up.  This postcard came from 15-year-old Violleta in the Ukraine.  She says that she lives in a house that her grandfather built.  That she has two cats and a dog (Moscow guard).  I’m guessing it was once a Moscow guard dog?  She likes to draw, write and take photos.  The writing on the front means “Ukraine — Sunny Country”.

#3 my first IUOMA received! "Aerial Phylum" by Douglas Galloway

The third postcard was a total surprise!  I recently joined IUOMA (International Union Of Mail Artists) after reading this post on the blog Art of a Letter.  I actually had known about IUOMA for a few months, but I finally checked them out and joined.  A few days later, this postcard showed up in my mailbox, out of the blue, from another member.  Wow!  On the back it says “Aerial Phylum” Douglas Galloway.

#4 I love the look of this old postcard from the Ukraine

The 4th postcard is from Alexandra in the Ukraine.  She says that she spends three months a year in Crimea which is where this postcard shows.  She says she bought it in an antique shop and that I was only ten years old when it was printed.  She was kind enough to also send greetings to my son and grandchildren.  On the back of the card, it say “In Yalta Port”.

#5 Twente in the Netherlands

The fifth postcard is from the Netherlands.  Unfortunately, I can’t make out the name of the lady who sent it.  She says she is 64 years old, has been a widow for a year, has two sons and four grandchildren.  She lives in Twente and I agree with her, it does look very nice.  I love the look of the buildings the postcard shows.  Aren’t they lovely?   I am especially fond of the one in the top left of the card.

# 6 from Germany

My sixth and last postcard is from West Germany.  Unfortunately, I cannot read some of the really important words on the card. Like the town and the gentleman’s name.  His handwriting is rather wild.  I rather like it, but it makes it kind of hard to read.  He says that he’s 49 and a father of 2 kids ages 13 and 16.  “The words on the front of the card refer to an old folksong and means No more beautiful land in these___ . That might be a little overstated.  But it’s pretty nice.”  Maybe I should take a photo of the back of the card tomorrow to see if you can help me decipher it.  That’s all for tonight folks.

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