So Sorry Catherine

I bought this tin before Christmas last year, filled with horrible peppermints.  I had hoped they would be good peppermints (like Brach’s or even Bob’s), but instead they were the nasty tasting ones like they give away at Sonic.  Sorry Sonic, I do not like your peppermints.  The original reason I bought this tin filled with nasty tasting peppermints was to eat the peppermints and give the tin to my friend Catherine.

Well, as I said, I didn’t like the peppermints, so I left them at my son’s house.  I don’t have any idea if anyone at his house liked them or not.  I just left them and took the tin.  I was hanging on to it until I found the perfect time to give it to my friend and enjoying it until then.  I think it’s really nice myself.

Then the other day I realized it was just sitting there empty and I needed something to put some rubber stamps in.  So, one thing led to another and Catherine’s tin has been hijacked for a while.  It may look considerably worse on the inside by the time she gets it, but I think she’ll still like it when, and if, it ever ends up being given to her.  So sorry Catherine.

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