Cake vs. Pie

I have photos of mail to show you and even a couple of little treasures I bought on my trip to see my niece last week, but first I want to ask you — which is your favorite — cake or pie?

I grew up being a chocolate cake and Christmas-is-my-favorite-holiday type of girl.  For some reason cake always tasted good when I was a kid.  I guess I was pretty lucky.  I got married at a tender age and after leaving my momma’s home, it was very difficult indeed to find a good piece of cake again.  My cake is passable, but not what I would call really good.

After my son grew up, Thanksgiving moved from my second favorite holiday to my favorite.  I continued to hunt for the perfect (and easy — maybe that was my mistake) cake recipe.  I have yet to find it.  Then one day, something a little magical happened.  I had a piece of pie!  It had been ages since I’d had pie.  I’d spent so much time looking for cake in all the wrong places, you see.

I realized something as I ate that pie.  First of all, I don’t like meringue.  Never have, never will.  So, I scrape it off and go on about my pie eating business.  Second thing I realized is that even if the crust isn’t that good, the stuff inside is usually great.  Basically, you can’t go wrong with pie because there is always something good there.  Not like cake.  If it’s bad, it’s bad through and through.  My biggest realization though was that if you get a good piece of pie — one with a flaky crust and some fruit that you like, you will be in pie heaven!  I am a pie convert for life.  I like me some pie.  I wouldn’t mind having a piece right now — for breakfast.  Yes, I’m crazy for pie!

I’m currently reading Making Piece — a memoir of love, loss and pie by Beth M. Howard.  I’m about half way through it and I’m really loving the book.  I just read a passage where she and some friends made 50 apple pies and gave out free slices on the streets of L.A. on National Pie Day.  Just in case you want to mark your calendars for next year folks, that would be January 23.

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