Just a little Fun

postal eye candy going to the Netherlands

I’m headed to the Post Office in a few minutes, but wanted to share this envelope with you.  I’m trying to keep my creative juices trickling a bit.  Need to be making me some mail art and haven’t made time for it (or a space to do it) lately.  So, while I’m thinking, I did this.  There’s a postcrossing postcard inside.  Every once in a while, someone will ask for one in an envelope.  This lady mentioned that someone once sent her a sheet from their local newspaper with their postcard and how much she loved it.  Well, I decided to do something fun too.  So, I played with the envelope and enclosed one of my favorite photos of my bluebonnets!  Hope she likes it.  The best thing about enclosing the card in an envelope is that it gives me so much more room to write on the postcard!  I normally write pretty big, you see and it’s difficult to squeeze it all in sometimes.

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