Catching up with the Post

Last week, I had a really good mail day on Monday.  Unfortunately, I was so busy getting ready to go out-of-town, I didn’t have time to share any of my wonderful mail with you.  I’ll show you most of the mail I got Monday of last week now and the rest of my mail tomorrow.  Time to play a little catch up….

#1 from Margriet in the Netherlands

These postcards will all be postcrossing cards.  The first one comes from Margriet in the Netherlands.  She says that like me, she likes to make things.  She’s done some quilting, but hasn’t finished her project yet.  At the moment she likes knitting and it almost finished knitting a doll for her cousin’s baby.  I bet that will be loved and hugged a lot!  (Remember that you can click on the photos to enlarge them.)  I love the fat sheep in this one.  Also the dancers in native dress, but my favorite is the wooden shoe boat!

#2 from the Netherlands -- just lovely!

The second postcard is also from the Netherlands and I love it!  It is from two sisters — Talitha and Tamirah.   They say that luckily, they don’t wear clothes like this anymore!   They like photography.  Tamirah wants to live in the USA one day and be a famous author.


From Jerry in China, postcard #3

Postcard #3 is from Jerry in China and it is my first Harry Potter card.  I love that it has the Chinese characters on the front of the card also!  Jerry put a lovely bird postage stamp on his card, which I forgot to photograph it, of course.  I’ll do it later for you all.  He tells me that he is a student in junior high school in Zhejiang, China and that the pollution is so serious in his hometown that he cannot always see birds in the sky!!!  I cannot even imagine that!  He told me I could write him a letter, so I plan to do that this weekend.


#4 Easter card from Lithuania

The fourth card is more of a greeting card.  That happens sometimes.  It was sent from Justina from Lithuania.  It was sent as an Easter card to me!  Very sweet.  She knew when she mailed it that it would more than likely arrive late.  It did, but that’s OK.  I thought it was very sweet of her and I did like it.  It reminds me of the cards we could get back when I was a kid.  I love the look of it.  Plus, it was the only Easter card I got this year.  That made it special.



Golden Lion Lake -- Pao An Temple in Taiwan, postcard #5 from Jessie

The fifth card comes from Jessie in Taiwan.  She says that she is a University student studying in English.  The view of the postcard is the Pao An Temple and Golden Lion Lake in her hometown of Kaohsiung.  She says she likes to pilgrim there.  I think this postcard is just beautiful!  It looks like a wonderful place to visit — so peaceful looking.  Wish I was there right now.

# 6 -- wish I was there, listening to that water

The last card for today is from Leonardo in Slovenia.  It shows the Vintgar Gorge.  This is what he writes about it:  “The Vintgar Gorge lies in Julian Alps, the most beautiful part of Slovenia.  It’s 1.6 KM long, running along Radovna River.  Its scenery takes your breath away…green river winding through rocks, with many waterfalls, pools and rapids, small wooden catwalks and timber bridges, gorgeous nature.”  Oh my!  Another place I wish I was right now.

I see that I missed several wonderful stamps on these cards.  I’ll have to take more photos and be back soon with those.  Tomorrow will bring more mail.  Hope you’ve enjoyed these.


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