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The first three items I’m showing you are from Monday of last week.  I tell you that was a happy mail day!  My mailbox is not often this full.  Remember all of the mail in yesterday’s post was also in the mailbox on the same day.  Woo hoo!  Everything else came sometime between the 17th and the 25th of April.

# 1 from Angie and Snooky -- mail art postcard!

The first postcard is from a fellow IUOMA member “Angie and Snooky”.  Isn’t it wonderful?  I had actually seen a card similar to this on the IUOMA website and thought it was really great.  I had not idea that one day I would get one!  What a total surprise and pleasure that was!  I thought the  doggy was a German Shepherd dog at first.  You know I love that breed and I tend to go there first if there is even a remote possibility.  Then I finally figured out how to find the addresses of members on the site!  Ding, ding, ding, ding!!!  It’s only taken me almost a month to do it.  Sheeesh.  Maybe I should ask more questions.

my mail art card #1 is numbered and look at the cool art stamp she made

Anyway, when I was on Angie and Snooky’s page, finding their address, I saw a photo of Snooky and Snooky is not a German Shepherd doggy.  Snooky is a Corgi!  Hard to tell in a rubber stamp.  I’m showing part of the back of the card from Angie and Snooky too.  It shows the number I got (as in it’s a numbered card!) and the way cool art stamp she made!  I’m going to do that one day.  I really am.  And when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

from Jon -- IUOMA member -- postcard two

My second postcard is also a card from an IUOMA member!  I’ve gotten three wonderful surprise cards and haven’t had time to make any yet.  I will very soon though and get to sending them out.  I’ve started making my list of who will be getting them when I do.  I love this card sent to me from Jon!  I love working in college myself.  It’s fun and remarkably relaxing.  There is tape all over the college to protect it.  Great idea.  In case you’ve forgotten, IUOMA is for International Union of Mail Artists.

the front of Middle C's mail art envelope # 3

“Warning This is not an Ordinary Letter” is the first thing I saw when I pulled out the letter from this envelope.  The letter is from my granddaughter — Middle C — as she has come be known here.  She was right.  Her normal letters are two sentences long.  This one was twice as long!  I love her letters.  They are decorated, short and sweet!

the back of Middle C's mail art envelope # 3

This time, I think I liked the back of her envelope even more than the front!  She is so creative and I don’t think she even realizes that she is clever!  I love the little “open here” thing she ripped off of something and put on her envelope!  No telling what it was, but for some reason, I’m thinking Girl Scout Cookies.

# 4 postcard from Turkey

The rest of the postcards are postcrossing cards.  Number four is from Batnhan.  He lives in Izuir, which is the third largest city in Turkey.   He says that the front of the postcard translates to “To the best of Mothers”.  How sweet is that?  I loved it.  I have a wonderful son, but I can’t remember ever getting a Mother’s Day card since he moved out.  Bless his heart, he just doesn’t have time to think of the little things.  So, this was really nice and I do love the color of these tulips.

stamps on # 4

These are the postage stamps that were on the postcard from Turkey.  Looks good enough to eat!  They were put on the postcard upside down.  I’m showing them right side up.

Finnish Tilhi postcard # 5

I really should have just shown you the message on card number five from Finland.  Maiju apologized for her handwriting (which believe me looked no worse than mine on a good day) saying that she had broken her wrist 5 weeks ago and was having to learn to use it again!  The bird on front is a “Tilhi” in Finnish and “it’s quite ordinary in the winter time”.  I wouldn’t mind some ordinary birds like this around my house!

Finnish postage stamp

This stamp on her postcard was made for Finland’s Gold Medal win in Ice Hockey last year.  I enjoy watching the Olympics, so this was a fun stamp to get.  She also wrote “happy spring to you” in Finnish.  I started to put it here for you, but I can’t put the little quote looking things above some of the letters, so I don’t know if what I write would really be the correct words or not.

# 6 from Germany

I love getting postcards (# 6) from young people.  It shows me that mail is not dead yet!  Laura sent this card from Germany.  She is 16 years old.  She said she picked this card because I am married.  The front of the card translates to “You have cuddled into my heart”.  She also says that she is a swimmer in a club in her town.  Sweet card from a sweet young lady.

stamp on # 6

This is the lovely purple flower stamp used on Laura’s German postcard.  She told me that she is not very good in her English lessons.  Believe me, she does just fine, especially compared to me.  I know very few German words!  No where near enough to write a postcard to someone!  She also said that the mouse on the postcard is famous in Germany.

Until next time…..

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    so happy you are being blessed with happy mail 😉 you so deserve it. thinking of you. thanks for always being you!

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