Today’s Postcards in my Mailbox

All of these postcards are postcrossing cards.  The first one made me laugh out loud when I saw it!  I’m not exactly sure why it affected me that way, but it did.

# 1 from Maaike in the Netherlands

I still smile every time I see it too.  It was sent to me by Maaike in the Netherlands.  She says that she is a 32 year old nurse.  She lives in a small town with 2 cats and 2 rabbits.  She loves to travel, read, crochet and ride her bike.  She obviously has a good sense of humor too!  The postage stamp on this postcard is the one I showed you in my last post of the postcrossing stamp!  This is one of the cards I put down as a favorite.  If it makes me laugh, it becomes a favorite!

# 2 from Caroline

Postcard number two comes from Caroline in Belgium.  It reminds me of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting, but the painter is Jose Maria Sicilia.  The name of the painting is “La Luz que se apaga, 1999”.  Caroline says that she is doing “an internship on the pediatric service and sometimes she loves it and sometimes it’s just too much!”.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be to work with ill children.

third postcard, first from Romania

The third postcard is my first card from Romania.  It was also my second favorite of the day because I love pen and ink drawings and this card is simply lovely.  I love birds too.  Elena sent this card of the Lesser Spotted Eagle  because it is a rare bird in Europe with its highest population in Romania.  It lives only in Eastern Europe and Turkey.  During winter it migrates to Africa.  Elena is an ecologist and she works for the Calimani National Park in NE Romania.

Romanian postage stamps

I like these Romanian postage stamps too!  Especially the bear with the flowers!  Remember that you can always click on my photos to enlarge them.




Postcard number four is from Alyona in Russia.  It shows the Great Palace and the Great Cascade built between the years 1715 – 1724.  She says “the palace is one of the most beautiful in Russia.  It was founded by Tzar Peter the first”.  I’m finding that I love Russian architecture!  I’ve been lucky enough to get several postcards with Russian buildings on them and I have loved them all.  Beautiful!



# 5 lovely ladies photo postcard from Natasha

The last postcard today (# 5) came in an envelope, so there was a lot written on the back of the card.  Actually it’s an actual photograph of Natasha’s family!  It shows her great-grandmother Anna (in the center), her sister on the right and their mother — her great-great-grandmother, on the left.  The photo was taken in 1912 when the Russian Empire still existed.  Nicholas 2 and his wife Alexandra sat on the throne at that time.  Five years later, the Emperor abdicated the throne.  “Anna was an excellent tailor and thanks to her mastery, our family always lived in abundance even during the second world war”.  I find that to be a wonderful bit of family history to know!  I wish we all knew such wonderful little details about our families and especially the women in our families!  I loved the way Natasha phrased this part to me — “I wish you only good mood and a lot of kind smiles”.  Oh how I love that!  She also shared a long family story with me, all of this makes the card a favorite.  I felt quite honored to get this photo today.

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