Memories and Jelly

Momma and I recently took a trip down south of here to visit B.  Along the way, we stopped for a potty break and to get me a cold Coke at Buc-ee’s.  Yes, I fell off of the Coke wagon and am sucking them down again like water.  Moving right along…Buc-ee’s is a rather large convenience store with a lot of southern extras, so Momma was looking for some jalapeno jelly and I was helping her.  We found it, but we also found some Wild Mustang Grape Jelly!  Wow, did that ever bring back memories!

When I was 8 or 9, my sister and I went to spend the week with our grandparents.  One day they decided that we needed to go hunt for some wild mustang grapes.  If we found enough, we girls would make jelly the next day!  I was quite the tom-boy at that time in my life, so I had brought my BB gun down with me on this visit.  I decided to take it on the grape hunt.  Maybe I could bag a pheasant or a bear or something for dinner that night and really surprise my grandparents!  (After all, there were surely both in rural east Texas in the late 1960’s, right?)  So, my little sister and I are walking down this deserted country road several hundred yards ahead of our grandparents, really slow and quiet, looking for game.  When all of a sudden, a covey of quail takes flight!  Now, we were city girls — and if you have never heard a covey of quail take flight yourself — well, just let me tell you it sounds like all hell is breaking loose!  We both screamed!  I dropped that BB gun!  I almost wet my britches (and I’m not entirely sure I didn’t!).  We both ran back to our grandparents who were laughing so hard that they may have wet their britches too!  That was the end of my hunting for anything other than grapes, which we did find plenty of.  The next day, my sister and I helped gramma make that grape jelly.  It was the best grape jelly I ever had in my life.  It was also the only time we ever made jelly together.  (The last time I saw my gramma before she died, she told that story of me trying to hunt and laughed her head off.  It was a good memory for all of us.)

So, when I saw this little jar of jelly for $6.95, I almost didn’t buy it because it seemed rather high to me, but I did buy it.  I haven’t opened it yet.  I’m afraid it won’t live up to my expectations or memories.  The jar itself holds magic for me and $6.95 is a small price to pay for magic.

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