Books and Mail

I finished reading the book I told you about last time — Making Piece a memoir  of love, loss and pie by Beth M. Howard.  I loved this book!  I did  not want it to end.  Maybe it’s because I had so recently gone through grief myself.  Maybe it’s because I recently admitted my love of pie.  I don’t know, but I did love this book.  I want to eat a piece of pie to celebrate it and to celebrate life.  I want to one day, head on up to the Pitchfork Pie Stand and get a piece of Beth’s pie!  I hope you’ll check it out.  It has recipes in the back.  I got my copy at the library.  I may have to purchase one for myself.

how could you not love this face?

I’m now reading Oogy by Larry Levin.  I lost a piece of my heart to him when I saw his sweet little face on the front of the book jacket.  When he was a puppy, someone used him for bait in a dog fighting ring.  That’s all I’m going to say at this point.  I haven’t read enough to say much more.  Learning about dog fighting is something we should all do though.  It’s just amazing to me that this is happening.



Love this stamp from Slovenia

Switching gears a bit here…I told you I’d show you some postage stamps that I had forgotten to show recently.  I love this bird stamp from Slovenia!  It’s so big, bright and clear!   This is by far the best stamp I’ll be showing today, in my opinion.  I wish we had stamps like this for sale in the US.


stamp from China

Here is another bird stamp.  This one is from China and it has flowers also.  Two great stamp subjects!  I also love the cancellation on this postcard.  It’s rare nowadays to get a nice clear cancellation because of the machines used, but look at this one!  You can read the date and see that the cool Chinese characters are clear too!

orchid? from Taiwan

The last postage stamp I’m showing today is from Taiwan.  It’s a flower stamp, which is another image I love to see on stamps, especially foreign stamps.  I think this is an orchid of some type, but I could be wrong.



LWA letter front

Look at this great letter I got from Donovan over at the Letter Writers Alliance recently!  I love the washi tape she used, the pigeon rubber stamp, the clear “express” tape, the Letter Writers Alliance rubber stamps, but my very favorite thing she used on this envelope is the zazzle postage stamp!  Just take a look at it!  Fab-u-lous!

LWA letter back

That’s all for now.  Have a great one!

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