Danger, Danger!

I try to stay away from eBay.  I really do.  I love auctions.  Live auctions are a real weakness for me.  I have to be really careful.  Some folks have gambling problems.  In a way, I do too.  To me, anything you buy on eBay is a gamble.  I know and you should too.

Yesterday I was reading my favorite letter related blogs.  I came across one — An Inkophoile’s Blog that had a list of links to other blog postings.  Of course, since I had some time, I checked them out.  When I got to the post on the blog — Does this Pen Make Me Look Fat about their favorite pen, well it made me scurry on over to eBay to check out similar Parker Vacumatic pens!  I was just curious.  Really!

Well, one thing let to another and the next thing I knew I was looking at restored fountain pens and really drooling over the ones who happened to have shown how the pen writes!  I’m watching several auctions right now (one is a Parker Vacumatic).  Planning to bid on one or two.  I’m hoping to get an Esterbrook SJ series.  There are a couple of other types I’m watching, but I’m not sure about them yet.  I have to research them a little more.  After all, I was watching a couple of Esterbrook LJ series too when I realized that I really don’t want to get something that big right now.   So, after these upcoming auctions end, I’ll research and see what else, if anything happens.

Whatever does happen, if I win one, I’ll let you see it when it gets here!

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